The Lightest Laptops for 2019

The Lightest Laptops for 2019
The Lightest Laptops for 2019

Who has time to check baggage anymore, whether you’re running to the conference room or catching a flight? You need the lightest laptop possible. We’ve tested tons of them and have all the Byrn advice you need to land the right one.

At the top of our list is the Dell X. P.S. 13.

We gave it five stars of an editor’s choice for a reason. It’s compact and classy with a beautiful rose gold and white color scheme.

And you can get it with a Fourcade touch screen. It has USP type seaports that support Thunderbolt three, but be sure you’re aware that it has no HDMI or USP Type eight ports.

You’ll need convertors or dongles for those things. Fully loaded models of the XP s 13 can get pricey. But despite that and a few small shortcomings, the XP s 13 is the best ultra portable laptop you can buy.

Next is another editor’s choice at four and a half stars.

The Novo Yoga C nine 30. The thin, light and stylish design comes in multiple colors.

You also get the option for a four K display plus Dobi vision support. And the battery life is excellent. It does ship with some bloatware, but with its revamped Tenjin Integrated Stylus Yoga C 930 is even better than its winning predecessor. An editor’s choice pick with four stars. The DL Latitude seventy four hundred two and one is a top contender among white business convertibles.

A sleek, sturdy chassis and thin bezels support a relatively large 14 inch screen.

Logging in is a breeze. With the help of a proximity sensor and the laptop has an excellent touch pad and keyboard that make it a pleasure. US.

Our tests saw terrific battery life too, despite the relatively low maximum screen brightness and lackluster audio quality. Most business travelers will love it.

Business users might also want to consider the latest version of the Lenovo thing.

Pan x1 carbon released in 2018. It’s thin and light with very good battery life and quick charging. It’s not cheap and it doesn’t have an Ethernet Jack. But if you have the budget for it, the premium features an attractive profile might just catch your eye.

It certainly looks like you might not think of LG for laptops, but on the go, professionals should also take a look at the lightweight LG Graham fifteen, which is very light for a machine with a 15 inch screen. It delivered long battery life and solid performance on our tests and has ample storage ports and a 10 ADP touch display.

If you can get past its conventional looks and an odd numeric keypad layout, you’ll be rewarded with a featherweight laptop that over delivers for what it makes you carry for you. Frequent traveling content creators out there.

The Acer Swift five is unbelievably light and earns four stars.

In fact, it’s now the world’s lightest fifteen point six inch laptop at two point two pounds.

Sure, there’s no Thunderbolt three Porter SD card slot on the screen is reflective, but this is a design landmark whose portability outweighs its minor imperfection. Students on a budget, meanwhile, might want to check out the ACS Zen Book 13. A long lasting battery, a nearly borderless screen USGBC, USGA and HDMI ports at a low price.

This baby’s price to sell the keyboard is a little crowded and there’s no Thunderbolt three port. But if you can live with that, this classi core ie five ultra portable turn four stars should be on your shortlist.

Then there’s the four star Microsoft Surface laptop too.

It’s a great choice for travelers who care about their style and want a laptop with a solid build quality.

Your fellow travelers will be impressed that the compact trim design your gape at the exceptional battery life and sharp touch display, you’ll gape less at the limited selection of ports and slightly slower performance compared to its peers. But the surface laptop too, has a top notch build with a stellar screen and shouldn’t be overlooked.

We all know that style conscious travelers love to have choice.

The four star bio SSX 14 gives them that. We tested one of these super light models and a candy apple red design with a handsome Fourcade display.

It will catch a lot of eyes at the airport. A plethora of port should catch yours.

Beyond the looks, though, you should mind a few things. Lackluster battery life, a tiny touchpad, a lack of thunderbolt, three ports and poor speakers. All these take a little luster off its shine. The 14 inch display in blazing red chassis stand out from the rest.

But mind those items, especially if you need more battery life.

And last but not least, is the 2019 version of the Acer Swift seven. It’s slim and light enough that you have to hold it to believe it. And it has good battery life, too. It could make executives who travel a lot very happy.

The Thunderbolt, three ports and HDMI USP dongle don’t hurt either. We gave it three and a half stars, though, because it makes you put up with some serious shortcomings.

It’s expensive and the performance is marginal.

You’ll also have to get used to a finicky keyboard layout and a webcam on the keyboard deck looks up at you at an unflattering angle. It’s no speed demon, but some elite travelers might seem tempted by the body. It’s the slimmest and lightest 14 inch ultra portable we’ve seen so far. To find out more about our lightest laptop pics.


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