To Make Homemade Watermelon Jelly

To Make Homemade Watermelon Jelly
To Make Homemade Watermelon Jelly

Hey this is Jamie useful knowledge today we’re going to show you how to make homemade watermelon jelly and we’re going to show you how to can it the

old-fashioned way now we came up with this recipe here a useful knowledge because we wanted to make a great tasting watermelon jelly then actually jail do we expect good

jelly should it so stay tuned we’re going to show you how to make it and Schuyler Stapleton here’s the artical you requested okay here’s what you’re going to need

to make watermelon jelly you’re gonna need half of the regular size of watermelon you’re gonna need four ounces of lemon juice and you can get that out of three

lemons you’re gonna need four and a half cups of sugar I use the raw cane sugar you can use the regular white refined sugar and you’re gonna need two

boxes of sure jail alright first thing we’re gonna do we’re gonna cut this watermelon alright so I bought this watermelon they told me that we’re getting red seedless in

and there’s not a lot of seeds in this watermelon so we’re gonna take half of one of these watermelons and we’re gonna dig the flesh out of it because

ultimately you’re gonna want four cups of watermelon juice out of this half a watermelon okay what I like to use to dig out watermelon is just an ice cream

scoop you can use a regular spoon but an ice cream scoop seems to work well now we’re gonna put this in here I’m not gonna worry if

I have seeds or not because we are gonna strain this so just start digging out watermelon put it over in your bowl oK we’ve got this half of

watermelon just about completely dug out okay what we’re gonna do now we’re just gonna crush this watermelon and you know you can put it in a food processor if

you want to but this is my preferred method if there are seeds in there that’s okay we’re gonna strain all this out in a little bit anyway okay

we’re gonna stop here and see how much juice we have at this point okay so what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna strain this watermelon flesh and I’m just

putting it through a strainer here we’re gonna get all the juice out of what we can okay what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna measure out how much juice

we have okay that one 1/2 watermelon once we crushed it up we got 4 cups the juice out of it and that’s what we’re gonna use to make

our jelly no if it didn’t give you quite 4 cups you can always just crush this up some more to make some more juice okay to get things started

go ahead and put eight 8-ounce jelly jars in your oven and set your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit okay just like in all my canning videos we’re gonna warm

our lids up so what we’re gonna do we’re going to turn on a small pot of water and we’re gonna put it down to low and we’re gonna put

8 lids in there because I expect this to make at least 7 jars of jelly most likely 8 we’re gonna heat those up and start making our jelly okay

watermelon is not an acidic fruit so even if you used sure gel or some type of pectin in watermelon as it is normally it would not jail so in

order to have it jail to make jelly you need to bring down the pH and we use that with lemon-juice and that’s going to raise the acidity okay the

three lemons gave us about a half a cup of lemon juice okay first we’re going to put our watermelon juice in our pot

and just for giggles, we’re going to check this city of it so you can see here this is just floating around so we’re going to check the acidity of

it here and you can see the acidity of watermelon juice is 5.9 okay so watermelon is not acidic and neither is this watermelon juice so to lower

the pH so it becomes more acidic so that you can make jelly out of it you need to add some type of acid and that’s what we’re going to

do with lemon juice so we’re going to add this lemon juice and this is a half a cup of lemon juice as you can see it’s dropping so we

got down below four we’re three-point-nine it ended up being a little bit more than half a cup of lemon juice but that was oh we got the 3.8

okay so what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna add in our pectin this is gonna be two packages of pectin we’re gonna stir this up until it dissolves or

even more, giggles we’re going to check and see where our pH is after we added our sure gel pectin we’re at 3.1 so we’ve got this watermelon down to

where we can make some jelly okay all we’re gonna do at this point we’re gonna turn this on and we’re gonna bring it up to a full rolling bowl

now a full rolling boil it’s just simply a boil that can’t be reduced when you’re stirring it constantly that’s gonna take a few minutes to get there so you

do not have to stir this constantly but you should stir it often as it warms up okay just keep an eye on it this is starting to boil around

the edges and don’t worry about this foam we’ll get that out later okay we’re right up there add that full rolling boil point so be careful with this you

see how that’s kind of rising as it gets that point you need to turn this down and kind of control your temperature so that it doesn’t boil over

those of you with electric ice you have to be more careful because you can’t control it as fast as you could a gas stove we’re gonna let this go

in a full rolling boil for about one minute okay it’s been one minute at a full rolling ball we’re gonna add in our sugar now this is four and

a half cups of sugar we’re gonna stir this in and then we’re gonna bring this up to a full rolling boil we’re gonna boil it for a minute okay

we’re almost there at our boiling point starting to boil around the edges go ahead and start stirring we’ve reached the full rolling ball so watch your temperature we want

to stir this constantly for one minute okay at this point you can turn this off so what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna start getting this skin out

of here so go ahead and get as much out of there as you can all right we got as much of that skin out as we could and we’re

gonna kin this now okay at this point we’re ready to camp and I’ll just bring that right up just past the bottom of my cannon funnel okay now to

candies what we’re first gonna do is I want you to take a wet paper towel and wipe off the rim of each jar and this is just to

make sure that no jelly got on that RIM while you were putting the jelly into the jars it’s gonna help you have a better seal, okay we’ve got

our jar Rams cleaned off we’re gonna take a lid we’re gonna dry it and we’re gonna place one lid on each jar okay once you get your lids on

you want to put a band on each one of them well these will be hot so be careful okay once you get your lids on and your bands tight

want you to turn each one of these over we’re gonna leave them turned over for five minutes and then we’re gonna flip them back over okay spent five minutes

we’re going to turn these over and in about 15 to 30 minutes these will start pinging so they’re gonna seem to you as they seal so my suggestion once

they seal let them sit here overnight or at least about eight hours so everything will gel up try to resist getting into these too early okay want to show

you how well this watermelon jelly gel you can see it gelled nicely we made this last night and you can see how well this watermelon jellies already

gelled so we hope you gained some useful knowledge on how to make watermelon jelly that is tasty and will jail the way you expect good jelly to jail

this watermelon jelly tastes a lot like a watermelon


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