The iPhone SE is the Phone the World Needs Now

The iPhone SE is the Phone the World Needs Now
The iPhone SE is the Phone the World Needs Now

A couple of months ago, most of us could not have foreseen the world we are living in now. We’re all locked down. Twenty two million Americans have filed for unemployment. Retail sales have seen their steepest drop on record. This is an economic crash, unlike anything that I feel like any of us have seen in our lifetimes. Even the folks who have lived through the Great Depression in terms of its suddenness and utter weirdness.

And so phones that looked like a good investment.

A couple of months ago when the economy was flush, are looking like a much tougher by now. I mean, take a look at this.

Galaxy s 20 plus, for instance. Really nice phone. Twelve hundred dollars MSR. Now, a month or two ago, I would have said, hey, that’s an investment for the next two, three years. Twelve hundred dollars. You spread it over the next two, three years.

That isn’t as much, but still right now.

Twenty two million people just filed for unemployment. Twelve hundred dollars.

You take a look at this one. Plus here, it’s nice one plus really shimmery color on the one, plus a really nice phone. I gave an editor’s choice.

It is 700 dollars or eight hundred dollars on Verizon. You know what? That’s better than twelve hundred dollars. But it’s still a lot of money and it’s still a lot of money for people in this economic crash. And so into this economic crash by pure luck, because these things are planned months, these things are planned a year in advance.

Here comes Apple with the new three hundred and ninety nine dollar iPhone SC.

And here is the number one thing you need to know about the iPhone S8. This is the iPhone. The iPhone 11 costs seven hundred dollars. OK, seven hundred dollars.

Might feel like a lot to you right now. Twenty two million Americans filing for unemployment. IPhone eleven. OK, we take off this camera. We take off one of the cameras. OK, we shrink it down to the size of an iPhone eight.

I’m a little jittery. Aren’t we all a little jittery right now?

We shrink it down to the size of an iPhone eight. And you pretty much have the iPhone S-E. Seven hundred dollars becomes four hundred dollars. That is a big, big difference. And so the iPhone S.E really looks like the phone that speaks to this moment. Let me tell you a little bit more about this iPhone S.E. It looks like an iPhone eight.

Now, if you remember the original iPhone SC that was basically knifing five body and at a four inch screen, it was this really nice, tiny thing that you can fit in your hand.

It appealed to there’s a there’s a cult of people.

There’s a whole bunch of people who want very small phones. They don’t want to be immersed in their phones.

They want a phone that’s really easy to use with one hand, especially people with small hands. Those people really cheered the original iPhone S.E, which I thought was Apple’s absolute sleeper hit. And they are not going to be as entranced with this new iPhone, which is the size of the iPhone six, iPhone seven, iPhone eight. So Apple is producing this phone using a body and components that it already had on the production line and saving everybody money along the way.

So we have the iPhone eight body and then we have somewhere between the iPhone eight and the iPhone eleven camera.

It’s a single twelve megapixel camera on the back.

This would be a big jump forward. If you’re upgrading from like an iPhone six, if you’re upgrading from iPhone six, that has an eight megapixel camera.

It has a one point two megapixel front facing camera. Now we are going to 12 megapixels. We are going to a seven megapixel front facing camera. We’re going to 10 ADP video on the front for K video on the back. This is going to be a really good phone for your basic photo and video needs.

And for people doing all of these, I’m doing this article on a phone.I’m stuck in my house now for the past month here in Queens with Kovik sirens going on everywhere.

The iPhone SC is going to deliver the quality that people need for that lifestyle.

And then inside you have the A13 processor. This is Apple’s latest fastest processor. This is a super fast processor.

It is in many ways faster than the processor in this twelve hundred dollar.

Galaxy s 20 plus a 400 dollar iPhone with a faster processor. In some ways than this. Twelve hundred dollar galaxy. That is crazy. And the A13 is going to bring improvements to the camera quality as well. I don’t have an S.E here yet. Not a lot of people have Essie’s here yet. But Apple says that it’s going to improve quality for HDR high dynamic resolution situations where you have a really bright background and a dimmer foreground.

Kind of like this. Now you also get wireless charging, fast charging.

You get much better LTE performance. You get Wi-Fi six, which not a lot of people have right now.

But what you need to think of it is just in general better Wi-Fi performance than you had on your old iPhone six. And so this iPhone S-E three hundred ninety nine dollars really feels like a sweet spot. Time when everyone is suddenly thinking about their wallets.

So what do you lose now? I am a big five key guy.

I’m talking about five G all the time. I have these article up about five feet, six key. I do articles about five key. The iPhone essy is not going to have five. You know what?

If you were at all cash strapped right now, at this moment in twenty twenty five, G is a luxury.

You know, this is something completely different than I was saying six months ago.

But you know what? Six months ago, the world looked different. Six months ago. Twenty two million people were in filing for unemployment. So the economic equation of whether you should pay more for five G right now looks different than it did just a few months ago. So the iPhone SC running 4G, LTE at three hundred and ninety nine dollars.

Looks like a really good deal. Okay, so twelve hundred dollars.

Seven hundred dollars. IPhone SC costs four hundred dollars. Is there anything out there to compete with it.

There are some less expensive Android phones out there, but they don’t have the premium processor and I don’t think they’re going to have quite the camera quality that the iPhone SC does. This summer we are going to see some less expensive five key phones that I’m pretty excited about.

There’s the Samsung Galaxy, a 51 five key. There’s the TSL 10 five key.

Those are both coming in probably around five hundred. And if that 5G connectivity is really important to you.

Those are phones that you should probably wait for. But I will be curious to see if there is a reordering of the entire smartphone ecosystem right now towards greater affordability, especially if this economic crash that we think is happening happens in the way it looks like it’s going to happen.

Twelve hundred dollar phones are starting to look like a bad bet for 2020. What’s starting to look like a good bet for 2020? The iPhone, SC, other phones like it.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’m really looking forward to reviewing it.


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