How To Find A Fat Pine Fire Starter

How To Find A Fat Pine Fire Starter
How To Find A Fat Pine Fire Starter

Useful knowledge so if you’re out hiking especially in the southeastern United States something fun to look for is kindling pine also known

as fat pine and I’m gonna show you how to find it okay so here’s an example of some kindling find this kindling pine also known as fat pine is

used by folks around here to start their fireplace to start a wood stove and even campfire oh when I was a Scoutmaster we keep a lot around and start

campfires with now one of the jobs that I had when I was growing up is to go find this in the wood because we had a fireplace and so

I’d go find this kindling pine in the woods and bring it back and one of these would last most of a season you don’t have to have

much of it to get a fire going so when a pine tree is harvested basically what happens is the stump starts to rotten well the center core of it

contains a lot of resin and that resin just doesn’t go away these pine trees were harvested around this area about 40 years ago and you can see what’s

left of this stump here so I’m going to show you what the kindling looks like on the inside so if you’re cutting down in there it gets really

hard quick and you can smell it and it’s very strong ok we’re at our hunting camp we’re not going to like this up out herein

the woods because that’s too dangerous we’re gonna carry this back to our campfire ring and I’m gonna show you how it likes ok I want to show you this

this is something I just found I was doing some more hiking this tree didn’t get cut but it did die this is an old pine tree and it

was a big pine tree all of us rotting away it set the center core and this is where you’d find the fat pine down there it is this

stuff started about right here very flammable mmm it is rich in pine resin okay we’re back at the campfire ring so what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna

knock some of this kindling off and see how flammable it is there we go that’s a good chunk smells good okay I’m having to get down in our

fire pit because the wind is just too strong out here right now I’ll show you how easy this lights there’s just a lot of rosin left down in this

pine stump and that’s where your fat pine comes from you see how easy it lights and it will light and burn for a long time so you see

how good this fat pine burns that’s why people use it to start campfires and fires in their wood stove or their fireplaces and they’ve used it for

centuries now so we hope you gained some useful knowledge on how to find kindling pine also known as fat pine as you can see it burns very well and

when you get a decent-sized chunk of this it’ll burn for several minutes so that you can get a fire going so we hope you gave some useful knowledge

oh how to find kindling also known as fat pine


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