The OnePlus 7 T Unboxing

The OnePlus 7 T Unboxing
The OnePlus 7 T Unboxing

Hi, I’m such a second lead analyst at PC, and this crazy thing came in the mail today. This is the box for the one plus 7 T. now I love one plus they’re the enjoyable company to deal with but usually.

This is the size of the phone box this is the box for the one plus seven pro and 5 G. even like 5 G. would think would be bigger but no it is an average size phone box, but for the one plus 70 this thing arrived so I don’t even know what’s in it this isn’t going to be one of those on boxings.

Where like the guy has figured out everything in there beforehand and is reading from a script and all of that no. I have not to open this box yet, so you were going to feel this discovery along with me, so come along but feel breakthrough what the heck is in this box that presumably contained one of these boxes.

So sliding off the big out a rapper and I see here that we have the OnePlus never settle logo on it okay definitely from one plus and then how does this open a case what splits were. So it’s like a DeLorean or something.

It’s got like suicide doors is that what’s his side doors are I don’t know okay so yeah who and then inside it, so we’ve got this thing here this is one plus on it. It opens up, and I suspect I know what it is because OnePlus always has a reviewer’s guide the reviewer’s guide this year is printed on some excellent matte paper with very few words per page.

But going down all of the basic features and then, of course, we have the spec sheets here no, you’re probably watching this shortly after the device announcement, so there’s going to be spec sheets online. All that stuff is going to be on the OnePlus website, and you almost certainly have access to it where I don’t right here right now.

So I’m not going to read out the specs to you. You can find the specs online. I’m a look at what’s in this box okay, so it’ll always wipe nice. Next level, we have a door that is behind door number one. Let’s see a notebook.

The make of the notebook out. Come on. The journal is stock. Okay, open. Let’s get that there see I told you this was going to be a little messy. By the laptop out with my ninth. A month. There we go. Okay, so we have a notebook. It is one plus small skin. Is it lined? Important reviewer question. It is lined for taking one plus notes in one place always has nice little touches like this.

Under that, we have a sandstone case. A carbon fiber case. Red case silicon and of course you notice on all of these cases what is unique about these cases the big desk and of course we’ll see when we open up the phone what’s the prominent disk means. The next part of the box we have now is the phone. This is the one plus 70, which is one-half times as long as 147 maybe. Under it. Spacer. Some new bullets wireless.

This one plus is it nice Bluetooth headphones they’re now coming in an olive green color all set these aside everything else seems to be filler, so that’s a close up the main box and look in the phone box itself.

Here we have the phone box no, this is a more reasonable size for a phone box but still. Why is it 0.5 times as long as the previous phone box. This is all very funny, mainly because the one plus 70 is more affordable than the 1 plus 7 pros this is supposed to be hi I’m not even sure I can call it a lower-end phone because it uses a faster processor.

It’s got the Qualcomm snapdragon 855 plus instead the 855, but there’s a lot of 1 step forward 1.5 step back things about this phone the. For instance, it’s got a 2 X. 73 X. zoom it doesn’t have the mechanical pop-up selfie camera the screen is 1080 P. if instead of to pay if. All to make it slightly less expensive, so I think is this going to be the retail box I don’t know, let’s say okay so. We have you. The invitation letter welcomes to one plus.

I feel like I was invited to one plus a long time ago when you could only get one plus phones by the invitation that wasn’t going to get.the invitation letter is a lovely letter from Pete Lau written directly to me because Pete Lau’s he’s into my soul. Let’s see what else we have here.

Yeah, stickers to show your loyalty to one plus and then, of course, the phone itself under the phone we will get back to the phone itself, I know what’s the most important thing under. The phone there is not the phone will come with a clear case all of these other cases are of course optional, and this is the reviewer kit, so we get all these accessories as part of the review, but when you buy the phone, you will get this clear case you will get this sim tool you will get this USB cable.

You will get this. Work hard 30 T. adapter, which charges the whole phone in an hour. It is a chunky boy, but it is it is a super-fast adapter. You will not get any headphones to notice there no headphones in this box. You have to buy these separately or buy one plus is U. S. B. C. bullets which are still out.

There I believe they are only 20 bucks, and they’re outstanding. I use them. They’re my wired headphones. So then we have the phone itself. And this is not a video review of the one plus 70 this is just me taking stuff out of the box, but you see that it has the big camera disk on the back with the three cameras as opposed to the one plus seven pros would help pop out here where it’s a more linear camera arrangement.

The 70 comes in blue and silver. This is the blue one and instead of the pop up instead of the pop-up selfie camera. We have the knock at the top tiny little notch, and that is, of course, one of the things that makes this a little less expensive than the one plus seven pros.

Now, this phone is not even set up; I can’t review it right now. I haven’t reviewed it. It’s going to be a while until I consider it, but that is what is in the giant one plus a box we have a hands-on of this on PC of course.

I will be reviewing this phone. This phone comes out directly from OnePlus and on T. mobile and, of course, on a range of carriers and through other channels around the world.


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