Unboxed Intel Core i9-9900KS

Unboxed Intel Core i9-9900KS
Unboxed Intel Core i9-9900KS

Hi we have an exceptional product here today for you regularly to do boxing with it we haven’t tested it yet, and it’s a product that’s actually been rumored for a while and talk about for a while from Intel so,
We have this sizeable blue box here do you want to do the honors on it sure. What do we have whoa? What what what we have here it looks like a polyhedron of sorts Chris what’s the deal with this is the Intel I. 990 900 K. S. is it and so the end of it I know there’s a 90 900 K. ready on the market what’s the deal with the S.

So the S. denotes that it’s a little bit faster than the Intel 9 I 9 900 K. and it has a boost clock that goes a little bit more quickly, okay fresh before we get too much into it when we open it up here.

We got Chris to do the honors sure thing, so not sure how to get fully into this guy, but there it is all right, so that comes off. Pattern windshield pope posted on the wall near there we go we have like a woman those you play role-playing games like dungeon tiles or something of that sort there you go and then I’m trying to figure out.

You get inside, so this is an unboxing video, and you usually open the box, but with this, there is. Quite a few sides, I mean, could you to coconut oil? They all go through these current growing because. No all right, so that’s the holding case, and then inside, you got one more box to get through with a cardboard box, and that’s right. There is a box within a box within a box.

What’s the third box is where the process is being held you can see it right in there and we might need to open up we’re gunning and learning I was not wrong and wrong and okay one more box goes into one more plastic box surrounded by a phone box. And now we’ve got our processor all right here we go all right.

So what we have on the top of Intel confidential and a and a bunch of numbers and a four gigahertz on top of their what’s the four gigahertz about so the four gigahertz is the base clock, so when the big difference in the I. 900 K. it’s an honor K. S., and I wonder K. it’s been available for about a year two years now something like that K. S. is brand new.

We don’t know about availability, yeah we’re not sure when it’s coming out. We have got the information yet, but by the time you see this, we probably will have some performance stats and availability available to all of you right so so the K.

The original core I. 990 900 K. is on the market a bit that will not change his eight core 16 thread chip, and what’s the difference at a fundamental level between that and this cast yeah so these are effectively pretty much the same ship the only difference being that.

When you talk about these clock and booze clock face clock is essentially how fast chip tango at its lowest or how it will operate just kind of on its own when you’re just sitting in windows. It’ll probably stay around that pace clock maybe a little bit higher, and then the boost clock is really when you pick things up, let’s say.

You’re rendering something in adobe, or you’re playing a game, are you doing something that demands a lot out of the chip, especially on more than eight wrote more than 4 courses excuse me. That is when the rubber sort of meets the road between these processors, and that’s what the chaos is designed to do.

To take them to separate itself a bit from the K is that in the original 90 900 K, only for the course could Max out at 5.no. Then the rest would usually have around 4.74.8 the 90 900 K. S. all of them go up to 5 comfortably safely. You can expect that kind of performance in your daily browsing or daily gaming or your regular rendering whatever right, so if you’re heading five gigahertz on all eight cores this thing.

We do we can generate a lot of heat so cooling for the 1900 K. as I recall they recommended Intel recommended liquid cooling solutions yes probably the same thing here things. Yeah, nothing, no thermal improvements, really made hear nothing about the TV is really changing; this is straight, or the TV has changed excuse me but nothing about the equal requirements of real change.

This is still going to be a pretty hot chip, and you’re going to wanna make sure that you have a cooling solution that kind of means that in the middle right. Hence, what if he was competing with on the eighties I mean obviously on the Intel side it’s a slightly refined 90 900 K. on the A. M. decide we have you know the 12 core 24 thread 30 900 acts how does that shake out.

I mean there’s we don’t know to price on this, but we know the pricing of the 90 900 K. was the same as for that AMD processor yes so the resin 9 300 acts as many people now came out this summer very successful chip a lot of people loved it I’m excluding us again enters choice yeah we did.

Given that it destroys, it’s a great trip all around. We can only speculate whether or not this is Intel’s answer directly to 13 and the release of the 30 900 X. for Mandy. Still, we can confidently say that this trip is made to perform just a little better in particular applications than at 9:00 AM or cafe right. Yeah, because the idea typically with a chip like this would be that Intel is taking a look at the dye that it’s getting from the band, and this is a better business person of the 90 900 K. meeting.

It’s mostly the same camp as the 90 900 K., but it has been tested so that the quarters are guaranteed to hit higher speeds. A 90 900 K. would be guaranteed to exactly this is down in specific other terms. It’s known as a silicon lottery sometimes I get a chip that is a little bit more forgiving both formally and in performance, and can you can go over talk a little bit higher.

It’s a little bit it’s called the golden sampled the goal line yeah that was it yeah right so you can get a high then which is like an old small performed way better and sometimes a little bit and that is just like silicon production sometimes you get a good one sometimes.

I get that right if you bought a 90 900 paycheck before you might have gotten that from close it or might have gotten one that performs somewhat lesser exactly, and this is usually a Texas. I mean, if you’re overclocking if you’re using the application to release wrestled quarters at all times.

You have an excellent thermal solution in place, so in a sense what you’re saying about the sort of lottery, this is some like guaranteeing a lottery winner, so to speak precisely right. When you bite into it at 990 900 K, you could get a chip that is almost as good as that I know and her K. S. and the only way.

You’re going to figure that out by overclocking protesting through running it through a lot of applications that have those full eight-core requirements otherwise. Its minimal gaming is not going to show you the difference between these two chips, but that’s all stuff the retesting later on and off I’m kind of like to get a closer look at the chip here I am sort of we’ve been around a bit before.

But we’ll open it up for a little bit of viewing, so this will work in. The same on the boards, 890 900 K would be the easy 398 yes the 390 chipsets, which will enable. The overclocking and you’ll also want you to know a robust liquid cooling solution you’ll notice and this giant box of stuff here there is no more refreshing most trips come with eight at least a stock air cooler in the box fan Intel’s core I. nines don’t, and they expect.

You bring your own to the party switch flipped over here a little bit, and we can get some. Close up action on anything else on this we don’t know to price when we don’t have exact details on when it will become available. Still, we can say the 1900 case sells for 499 rises in 939 correct its main competitor sells for 499, so I guess I would be this is going to be more expensive but not usually more costly.

Because you’re merely talking about the same ship with slightly up specs exact, so I’m guessing this is pure conjecture summers in 5 and 600 probably midpoint 55560 we’ll see what happens when Intel releases the actual pricing and that would presumably be in our full review at the time.

We did it another difference. I just realized we could touch on is with the rising 930 900 X. you don’t have integrated graphics, so in other words, if you want to build a system operating system up to motherboard can accommodate.

It Kip, you’ll also need a video card. This one does have onboard graphics. Still, most folks are going to build a system based on something like an I. 9 is probably going to have a GPU yes right but if your putting together a system piecemeal you with the best tip you can get in there on the Intel means the one begins for the video card your dreams.

You can use the onboard graphics until you can save up to that video card correctly. The only other the processor that doesn’t have the into Intergraph disease Intel I. 990 900 K. F., which is being sold separately, comes from both the stews. It’s just another processor that the only difference between 9 entertainment honor calf is that it doesn’t have a GPS right.

It’s the same camp, and just when they came off the fab D. I. G. P. demanding specs of the disabled. It examined you can get it slightly T. bracket a couple of weeks ago Intel announced some price adjustments and 1 of the price adjustments was that the K. F. series chips would be somewhat cheaper than the case. In contrast, before they were in practice selling for about the same thing, so it was mostly.

Yes, the same price within without anybody graphics wants to get with anyway. What we have here is the core I. 990 900 K. S. from Intel should be debuting later this month or early November that say educated guess there. Please look to PC mag.com for a full review of this chip once.


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