The LG G8 ThinQ Review

The LG G8 ThinQ Review
The LG G8 ThinQ Review

The LG G. thinking has most of the things you want in a flagship phone look sharp has a color screen with powerful audio performs like a champ that’s it. Compared with the Samsung Galaxy S. 10 and the Apple iPhone 10, which offer better performance and more consistent software is for less money, the design of the O. U. G. H. Q. doesn’t deviate much from the G. 7 on the front.

You’ll find a nearly bezel-less inch display with a small notch at the top of the camera there’s a glass backplate that’s one for example dual cameras in an easy to reach fingerprint sensor right.

The top of the phone is on the left side features a power button and hybrid micro-SD sim card slot on the bottom you find USB C. charging port speaker and a 3.5-millimeter headphone Jack the right is a dedicated Google Assistant button as well as the volume. They’re easy to reach and provide a satisfying tactile switch. Pressing the G. 8 has a crisp inch over the display with 564 pixels per inch. Our lab tests measured peak brightness at 315 minutes, which is bright enough for outdoor use color accuracy is the losing greens are slight.

Overall it’s a gorgeous display that’s perfect and task from sending emails stream multi. In terms of durability, the LG G. 8 thinking it’s pretty solid. However, it has an all-glass body. The front is constructed of gorilla glass five well the back is made of gorilla glass. This is a smart choice since the last five displays a little harder than its successor making it less likely to scratch, and while the road previous 6 was maybe more prone to scratches.

It’ll fare better with drops and. The phone also has IP 68 protection, so an accidental stormed necessary. Either way, ministry case for any glass body. The call quality is stable. Our test calls were crystal clear without a trace of static or clicked voice noise cancellation works excellent as well. Even on a very windy day test call sounded clear as 1 of the first smartphones available with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor G. 8 packs a serious punch.

There are also 6 gigabytes of ram and 100 28 gigabytes of storage. The after-mentioned micro SD card slot can theoretically at up to 2 terabytes of extra room the only one terabyte concerts currently available. Performance-wise J. as actual apps open almost instantaneously and we had no problem okay tasking with over a dozen apps open simultaneously the G. 8 is powered by a 3500000000 battery in our battery drain test extremes of video over wifi right.

We were able to get 8:00 hours, and 17 minutes before the battery died, that’s not bad. Still, it falls far behind the 11 plus hours of battery life was not on the galaxy S. 10 with more conservative views; however, you should be able to get a full day between charges if you do find yourself needing a boost before the end of the day.

The phone supports wireless charging as well as Qualcomm spectra. All the features on June 8 hammers must be the most important. The primary sensor comes in at 12 megapixels with a bright F. 1.5 aperture. There’s also a 16-megapixel super wide-angle lens with $173.5.9. Both take advantage of LG’s extensive AI detection capabilities have optical image stabilization to minimize work on the front.

You find a single 8-megapixel selfie camera with a 1.7 aperture. In addition to the camera, there’s also a time of flight or T. O. F. center for 3 D. imaging to assess what more realistic portraits facial authentication and LG’s new handwriting and air motion features that allow you to unlock.

The phone controlling certain features about touching and the LG G. thank you ships with android 1905 LG adds its custom user interface layer, which is much different from stock android. Among many interface changes, you’ll find the apps or are missing; Google now is replaced with a similar feature called Aflac.

They’re more customization options and settings. We tested the Verizon version of the G. print queue, and it has lots of love where we counted more than a dozen apps, including final fantasy 15 Yahoo finance networks and home adviser.

Fortunately, they can. It seems the gracious to add them in the first place since Verizon doesn’t subsidize the cost of the phone as mentioned LG also added some new gestures and security features thanks to the camera on the front of the. And IT uses the infrared camera and seal up sensor identifying things in your hands.

All the states of this country are the same type of technology used secure back in front. However, we wonder how safe this feature has since not ordered by banking apps or make contact with air motion camera captures certain gestures made above the phone what you do things like taking screenshots and article.

It’s an innovative first-generation feature that’ll hopefully improve over time because of its sharp learning curve. While we’re reasonably confident, LG will update the GNC afterward. The company’s track record for updating prices quickly spotted.

The LG G. everything you look for in a flash of. It’s a loud voice for smartphone photography. Ridiculous if you’re not a Sampson. But aside from the sharper screen, it doesn’t represent a significant step up from our editors choice galaxy S. and which, by the way, it costs $100 lesson offers superior software.

And if you’re not tied to android iPhone 10 R., which is also $100 less gets you more energetic performance, secure facial authentication, and guaranteed software updates to find out.


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