How To Biscuits On The Grill

How To Biscuits On The Grill
How To Biscuits On The Grill

Hey this is Jamie with useful knowledge so this has been my kitchen for about the last six weeks I’ve been working in a remote location and this is

only kitchen I had so stay tuned we’re going to show you what we did when a group of us couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted to make homemade

biscuits and we decided to cook them on a gas grill okay now to make the biscuits this is not any different than the normal biscuit recipe all right that’s

about three cups flour baking powder about a teaspoon and a half of salt so we’re just adapted from the normal recipe that we have online for useful knowledge we’re

gonna mix this up don’t have any lard out here so we’re just gonna use butter we’re gonna cut that in just use a fork to cut it in I

don’t have a pastry knife with me okay now we got the butter cut in we’re just gonna add milk you can check our recipe at useful knowledge or how

much milk add this is ready to be made up into biscuits I don’t have a cast iron or skillet out here to put this on so we’re just going

to use a pizza plate cook them on the grill these are ready to go on the grill we’re gonna give this thing a shot okay so we preheated our

grill to 500 degrees we’re gonna put these biscuits in it and see how it goes so what I’m going to do I’m going to turn the burners directly under

the biscuits to a medium-high instead of a high that way we don’t brown the bottom too fast okay about five minutes into cooking I turn these down because the

bottoms had already got really good in brown so this is about ten minutes in there looking really good the bottoms getting brown what we’re gonna do we’re gonna flip

these over so the tops will get done all right we’re gonna turn these back up give it about two or three minutes we’re gonna call them done okay these

are brown on top we’re gonna get these off of here call them done oh yeah these look good so we hope you gained some useful knowledge on how to

make homemade biscuits on a propane grill even if you’re in a remote location like we are you can still enjoy homemade biscuits.


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