The Google Pixel 3a Review

The Google Pixel 3a Review
The Google Pixel 3a Review

The pixel 3 A. ups the ante for mid-range smartphone manufacturers. It offers excellent performance for the average user, a gorgeous all LED display and camera that beats the competition by a long shot on the front you’ll find that the pixel 3 A. is slightly taller and broader than the pixel 3.

It weighs 5.18 ounces, which is more or less identical to its more expensive sibling though it has a polycarbonate shell instead of a glass back. The front display is a tiny bit larger at 5.6 inches compared to 5.5 inches on the flagship.

If you want a larger display pixel, 3 XL comes at 6.3 inches, and it’s not a carbon copy of 3 A. in all other aspects while both the pixel 3 and 3 A. are available in black and white 3 A. also comes in purple ink as opposed to the flagships not. There’s no front-firing speaker like you’ll find in the pixel 3; instead, we’ll find it alongside the USB C. charging port underneath and don’t worry, it’s got a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack at the top.

The left side is home to a sim slot. However, there’s also an E. sim on board, so you may never need to use it. Our lab testing shows nearly identical color gamut between the two displays and the only difference that popped up as the pixel 3 A a little brighter than its sibling. Probably the most significant difference between the pixels 3 A. and 3 is durability. While the 3 A. has a more durable polycarbonate body, it has a more rigid display.

It also has no IP rating like its flagship stubborn, meaning it’s unlikely to withstand a drop in the pool without permanent damage. When it comes to mid-range phone scammers, always top our list of a con. While phones like the Nokia 7.1 and 1 for 60 do well in bright light, their performances are still a hit or miss in low light. The pixel 38 changed.

The game with cameras that can easily compete with flagships that cost more than twice its price the rear camera comes in at 12.2 megapixels with F. 1.8 aperture and optical and electronic image stabilization onboard it’s nearly identical to the camera sensor on the pixel 3. However, the front camera isn’t until 3 A.

It only has a single 8-megapixel lens with an F. 2.0 aperture. At the same time, the pixel 3 has a pair of 8-megapixel standard and wide-angle sensors the pixel 3 A is also missing the visual for the chip .you’ll find in the pixel 3, that being said, Google is a master of software post-processing, and the difference between the images on the 3 A and three is negligible.

In bright light, the pixel 3 A. performs beautifully our lab voters are vivid with excellent color accuracy, both background and foreground images are well defined and depth of field. An aspect where much mid-range phone starter is perfect low light photos look spectacular as well an observational a level of the pixel 3 A.

Photos are nearly indistinguishable from the pixel 3 when using night say looking at the images and full size; however, background details and nights and are a little less blown out in the pixel 3. While Pixel 3 is missing the second front-facing lens, it still does a great job in lighting situations. During our tests, we found it to work equally well in both daylight and low light. 3 A.

Ships with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor and 4 gigabytes of ram apps opened instantaneously. We were unable to slow the phone down with over a dozen apps. Open simultaneously. Storage comes in at 64 gigabytes. That’s the same amount you’ll find on an entry-level Pixel 3 as well as the Nokia 7.1 and Motorola moto G. 7 power but unlike the 7.1 and G. 7 power.

There’s no option to add additional storage via a micro SD card. It would have been a nice touch to add 0 28 gigabyte storage option or micro SD slot. Still, we don’t think it’s a deal-breaker since Google offers free photo storage, and most people opt for streaming multimedia services these days.

While it can’t compete with the processing power of the pixel 3, we think it’ll satisfy all but the most demanding. Three thousand battery powers the pixel 38 and does a splendid job in our lab tests. Which streams video over wifi at full brightness the 3 A. managed to last for 9:00 hours and 22 minutes before needing to recharge. That’s not as impressive as the moto G. 7 power, which lasted 14 hours and 29 minutes.

But you should still have no problem getting more than a day between charges with more conservative views. It also supports fast but not wireless charging. It’s no surprise that the Pixel 38 ships with Android 9.0. It features the custom pixel you why, which adds exclusive features developed the Google-like duplicates.

They are now playing and because we. Like all Google-branded smartphones, it’s guaranteed to get at least three years of software updates. The Pixel 38 ships unlocked and supported all carriers. It also supports every major LTE band, including band 71, so even T. mobile customers in rural areas should expect stable data quality call quality is superb.

During multiple test calls, we could easily understand the other party without any static or clipped words noise cancellation work ideally without background noise seeping through on any of our requests you piece volume comes in at 81 decibels so,

it’s easy to hear the other party. Just about any atmosphere, the bottom-firing stereo speakers can get quite loud at 80 decibels in our test, and while there was no bass to speak of, the overall sound was breaking clean without any teenagers or static. The Pixel 38 supports wifi on the 2.4, and 5 gigahertz bands E. to 5.0 is on board for wearable in audio connectivity. There’s also NFC for Google pay.

Although it’s Google’s first go to the mid-range phone, the pixel, 3 A, flirts with perfection in his rightfully earned our editor’s choice award. While the Pixel 3 XL is a reliable phone that’s perfect for people who want more screen real estate, we believe the pixel 3 A. as a better value for the money.

It offers excellent battery life stable android software, the gorgeous all the display, and the best in class camera, and while it may lack the qi wireless charging, that’s by no means a deal-breaker.


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