Make Your Homemade Camp Grill

Make Your Homemade Camp Grill
Make Your Homemade Camp Grill

Hey this is Jamie useful knowledge so we’re out here cooking up a camp meal on our new homemade camp grill so stay tuned we’re gonna show you how

easy it is to make your homemade camp grill and that’s a bonus we’re going to show you some of our camp grills builds from the past okay a

a little history for you here I built this camp grill well over thirty years ago and it was built from throwaway components I found an old grill someone had thrown

out and I got the grate out of it and the legs are built out of a lawnmower handle now I’ve used this ever since and it’s never

failed me okay this is my son’s camp grill we built probably about 15 years ago and again it was a throwaway grate and we went to the hardware store and

we made the legs out of some half-inch pipe and that’s what we’re going to do today for our new camp grill okay this is everything you’re gonna need

to build a camp grill I’ve got an old grate that I took out of one I’m old barbecue smokers we’ve got the four pieces of half-inch black pipe

they’re going to be our legs we’ve got four elbows we’ve got two runners which will run this length and we’ve got our u-bolts, okay the legs are 1/2

inch black pipe that is 8 inches long the u-bolts are quarter inch by 1 inch by 1 and 3/4 and they say on the package that they are

for 1/2 inch black pipe the runners are 1/2 inch black pipe that is 12 inches long then you also have the elbows to attach them and you’re gonna

need two Crescent wrenches and just a wrench or a socket to tighten up the u-bolts okay to get started we’re gonna build this we’re gonna have our elbow

so we’re gonna build this so what I want to do first is put the elbow on the foot get that tight you don’t want to move drilling run do

the same thing here right there you go that’s one section we’re gonna build one more and we’ll put this on our great, oh here we go all right that

one’s good and tight well there you go cam grill ready to go okay let’s try this new grill out so look who’s joined us out here at our campsite

to check out this new camp grill it’s Liberty hey Liberty okay I’m gonna start this with a piece of fat pine if you’re interested in fat pound it’s easy

to find we’ve got a video on how to find it so we’re gonna start it with that we put some dried twigs on that to get that going all

right we’re gonna let that catch up okay our cooking fire is catching out nicely all right our fire is ready for cooking we’re just gonna knock it down

spread it out a little bit okay we just got these on our new camp grill we’re letting them cook all we put on them with salt pepper and garlic

powder and these are what we call hamburger steaks all right we’re going to put some corn on the cob all here so this is corn out of my garden

but you can also get corn on the cob from your local grocery store [Music] okay we hope you gained some useful knowledge on how easy it is to build


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