To Make Orange Honeysuckle Jelly

To Make Orange Honeysuckle Jelly
To Make Orange Honeysuckle Jelly

To Make Orange Honeysuckle Jelly

hey this is Jamie useful knowledge so today I made some orange honeysuckle jelly now this is just a slight twist of our normal honeysuckle jelly that you

may have already seen on YouTube so if you’ll stay tuned I’m going to show you exactly how to make it okay to make orange honeysuckle jelly you’re going to

need four cups of loosely packed honeysuckle flowers and around here I use the yellow ones because those are the ones that are ripe you’re going to need four and

a half cups of water you’re going to need four and a half cups of sugar you’re going to need one orange and you’re going to need one box of

pectin and I use sure gel stay tuned okay to get started what I’m gonna do is pick four cups of ripe honeysuckle flower petals now around the South if

they’re white like these right here they’re not ripe what you want is the yellow ones these have turned ripe so we’re gonna pick four cups and this is going

to be loose cups of these ripe honeysuckle flower petals okay I’m sure some of you ate a million of these as a kid and I did but I just

wanted to remind you about honeysuckles what’s really cool is that little drop of nectar that comes out right there that is nothing but pure sweetness okay after about thirty

minutes I’ve got 4 cups of right honeysuckle flower petals picked now let’s go make some orange honeysuckle jelly okay once you get your honeysuckles in the house what I

want you to do is wash them and the reason you want to wash them is because there’s a lot of little bugs and other stuff that ends up in

the honeysuckles that you really don’t want to Bowl and if you got an old honeysuckle is just a little bit too old get that out of there as well

we’re just gonna wash these off and we’re gonna what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna let the water bring anything to the top it might be little bugs little

pieces of green leaves whatever [Music] okay just working around I think we actually did a pretty good job picking these there’s not a lot of extra stuff coming out

of this okay we’re just gonna get the honeysuckle out and actually put it in a pot to boil it to make the tea okay we’ve got our four cups

of washed honeysuckle we’re going to add four and a half cups of water okay we’re just going to bring this up to a bowl we’re gonna make our tea

okay once you get your honey so go in your water turned on and you’re bringing it up to bowl I want you to zest one medium-sized orange we’re gonna

do that nail okay and there it is one zested orange okay our honeysuckle flowers and water is up to a bowl so what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna

add our orange zest and we’re going to turn it off we are going to let this cool down and as it cools down that’s going to steep we’re gonna

let it cool down for two hours okay while this is cooling down and your tea is steeping go ahead and cover it that way you’ll keep all of the

flavor in the pot okay so our honeysuckle tea has cooled down we let it cool down for about two hours and now we’re going to strain it through some

cheesecloth and a pretty fun strainer into a four cup measuring cup we’re gonna need is four cups of this team and that’s it that’s four cups well look who’s

gonna help us today and make some orange honeysuckle jelly this miss pearl okay to get started you need to place seven eight ounce and mason jars in your oven

and set it at 250 degrees Fahrenheit okay after you get the jars in the oven just like in all my canteen videos you want to put your lids which

these are lids right here you want to put your lids and a small pot of water and you just want to turn that on to a medium low so

we got seven legs going in you just want to warm those up next we’re gonna put in our orange honeysuckle tea okay once you get your orange honeysuckle tea

in your pot you want to add one box of sure gel that’s what we’re gonna do right now you just want to stir that up okay we want to

turn this on high we’re gonna get this up to a full rolling boil what

that means is a ball that will not fade when it’s being stirred now obviously it’s gonna take a little time to get there but that’s what we want to

get to okay this is about to get to a ball I don’t stir it constantly but I do start often as it comes up to a ball okay we

just got up to a full rolling bowl we’re gonna go ahead and stir this and we’re gonna let this go for about one minute okay this has been at

a full rolling bowl for one minute now we’re gonna add our sugar this is four and a half cups of sugar you’re gonna stir this in okay we’ve got

our sugar completely dissolved in here so we’re gonna bring this up to a full rolling ball okay this is almost up to the boiling point and like I normally

say is you do not have to stir it constantly but do stir it often okay we’re up to a four of all just keep stirring we’re gonna do this

for one minute and watch your temperature sometimes you have to just it down just to make sure it doesn’t come out of your pot okay this has been on

a full rolling boil for one minute we’re gonna turn this all Concannon if you’ve got a little skin on top like this go ahead and get that off okay

I had to switch to a smaller spoon to get the rest of the skin out but we’re ready to start canning everything is still super hot so be careful

we’re going to use a canning funnel and a ladle to fill up the jars bring that right up to the top of the jar which will be at the

bottom of your canning funnel okay we ended up with six full jars and a half of another jar we’re gonna put that straight in the refrigerator eat that in

the morning next what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wipe off the rims of each one of these jars to make sure there’s no jelly that could have gotten

on there when we were filling the jars okay now we’re just gonna put on our lids I’m just going to dry every one of them off with a paper

towel okay now that we’ve got our lids on we’re just gonna put bands on each one of these doors all right we’re just going to tighten the band up

on each one of them okay and at this point we’re going to flip them over for five minutes a lot of people weren’t over why we flip them over

the old canning books say that that makes sure that any contamination that happened when you were putting the lids on actually kills any contaminants with the hot product in

here so that’s the reason we flip them over we’re gonna let this sit for five minutes we’re going to turn them back over and we’re going to wait for

them to pin okay these have been upside down for five minutes we’re gonna turn them back over and as this cools down and about fifteen to thirty minutes they

will start to pain and you will know they’re sealed okay it’s the next morning we’re gonna use that half jar that we had extra yesterday just to show you

how well this gelled you can see it gel very nicely this is some incredible tasting orange honeysuckle jellies it’s a really great tasting twist on regular honeysuckle jelly so

we hope you gained some useful knowledge of how easy it is to make orange honeysuckle jelly.


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