Astro Gaming C40 TR Controller Review

Astro Gaming C40 TR Controller Review
Astro Gaming C40 TR Controller Review

Headset maker Astro gaming released its first game controller called the C. 40 T. R. it’s an expensive high-end gamepad that works with the PC and PS 4 it’s wildly ambitious $200 price will scare away all.

But the most dedicated gamers, but it’s build quality and extensive customization options to get one of the best gamepads we’ve tested the C. 40 is a regular, almost imposing gamepad that won’t easily be mistaken for any other controller.

It’s covered almost entirely in a rubberized matte black interior with a textured black plastic panel on the face to hold the analog sticks direction pad and face buttons. It weighs a hefty 11.2 houses significantly more complicated than the stock door shock force and over an ounce more than the trump he explains why was controlled.

You don’t get any cosmetic customization options when you order the C. 40 Matt black gamepad is your soul force if you want a gamepad that you can make look like around sort of feel like your own.

It would be best if you considered the Xbox design lab or custom controllers from companies like scuff and evil controllers all of the features of the DualShock 4 can be found on the C. 40 there are the dual analog sticks directions. That four face buttons and four triggers that are standard on all modern game controllers and options share PlayStation buttons 3.5-millimeter headset Jack do.

You ship touchpad for the few games that incorporated turning to sing for you over show several of the hallmarks of pricing and custom controllers to additional triggers you well. You are set against the grip for your middle fingers rest natural—small remapping buttons between lets you manually assign.

If you don’t want to use the actual software to customize everything to small rests that are above the triggers activate or disable mechanical stops, that foreign L. 2 and R. 2 trigger pull this on the top edge of the team. More red switches toggle between wired and wireless, and one of the few control profiles you can set deeply recessed micro USB port between upper switches lets you plug in the C. 40 with.

The included 6-foot cable or charger using the gamepad is a wired controller for customizing it with Astro software the plastic plate on the front of the C. 40 is held in place with 4 have screens by loosening them with food hex driver. You can remove the plate to expose the analog stick and direction had models the schools themselves are locked even when they lose.

You don’t need to worry about losing the sticks, and Pat are built into small black soldiers with metal contacting bottom that rest in recesses under. Because they’re modular, you can swap the layout of the C. 40 PlayStation style parallel analog sticks Xbox offset analog sticks. You can also replace the modules with a high price of the rods or direction had started way down or stopped working Astor estimates that replacement models will be available for about $20 each.

The tops of the analog sticks and a plastic direction had also pulled off the models, letting you swap out different caps and hats. C. 40 comes with two concaves into combat stick short steps, and one concave one convict’s cat, each with slightly longer stuff. The C. 40 LAX one aspect of the drawer front for replaces.

With an arguably better option than connecting to the PS 4 or PC over Bluetooth, it uses a 2.4 gigahertz USB adapter that plugs into your console for computers work wirelessly once. The adapter is plugged in the C. 40 acts like a door front port connected over Bluetooth, including 2-way headset audio through the 3.5 millimeter port on.

The bottom of the controllers, the adapter uses one of the 2 USB ports on the front of the PS 4. Still, it should provide a more stable wireless connection with less latency than Bluetooth. It also lets the C. 40 work wirelessly with PCs without using an ax and put rappers. As you need with the DualShock 4 Astros clubs, zip-up hard nylon case comfortably holds the controller USB cable wireless adapter hex driver and extra analog stick caps together in one place with each piece. Its dedicated recess for mesh pocket Astro software for configuring the C. 40 offers and a downright dizzying array of options.

You can remap almost any input. Anyone including the direction had an analog stick clicks that alone is incredibly useful. You can also manually re not any efforts to you well and your funds by holding down one of them and the remote button on the underside of the controller the software also.

Lets you tweak the sensitivity of the analog sticks as well as L. 2 and R. 2 triggers. Each input has a graph that functions like a custom visualizer letting slide for sensitivity points up and down to just the curve of how sensitive.

The sticks and triggers are finally headsets. Jack itself gets its tweaks and software. And a microphone and headphone volume can control sidetone levels which is how much of your voices played back in your ear is hardened all the changes get written directly to the controller so,

you can use them with your PS 4 any other PC you want to play on the don’t have the software the C. 40 consort to profiles of once and switch between them on the fly using. The mode switch on the top edge of the green hat can also store unlimited profiles in the astronauts, so if you want to tweak your controls for every game you play, you can have them ready to sink and use whatever you want.

All this expensive isn’t for everyone if you’re dedicated PS 4 or PC gamer and want a gamepad you can tweak and customize to suit their needs the C. 40 is worthy of your attention to finding out how we customize them tested the C. 40 with a bunch of games.


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