Dont Bring Your Drone

Dont Bring Your Drone
Dont Bring Your Drone

Nice view huh anyway welcome to Turkey do you know that when you plant something and you’re looking forward to doing and then just

at the speed of the second it just gets crushed well that happened to me here let me explain if you saw the valley blocks then you know that I

had some issues with my drone I couldn’t get it more than 150 maybe 200 meters away until it lost signal plus I couldn’t get the barrel the lens barrel

to change so I could get ND filters on so I finally made it work I was testing at home and it was working how it needed to be and

I was kind of eager to fly here with nd Phyllis I was planning a lot of visuals a lot of cinematics to make with the drone was practicing a

the lot and then I wanted to check the no-fly zones here and apparently, there is a rule here that says that if you have a drone you need to be

registered and to be registered you need to be a Turkish citizen and I am NOT I brought my drone it should have been impossible to bring it into

the country but I did since we were flying by Greece and we were sailing from Greece through here I think that’s how we managed to with us I

don’t know I have been reading a lot of the forums some peoples have some problems with getting it inside the country some people just manage so I don’t know

I was also reading that you could get fines at around six thousand dollars I don’t want to pay $6,000 to fly my drone here that’s so thinking about

this if you’re going to Turkey and you want to bring your drone if you are not registered if you’re not a Turkish citizen don’t normally I’m not into

the whole beach holiday thing you know you’re going into the beach and there the Sun bits and you have umbrellas and are just lying there for hours I don’t

like that part the kids love it and we all know if the kids are happy then we have our hotel is close to ladies beach and the

the reason we took this hotel is that we wanted to be close to the beach but we went to the beach and it was all packed so we went searching

for another beach, we ended up in a place called Long Beach which was an OK beat today it was with sand and too much window so we went

to went to this Long Beach and we were having a pretty good time until our son was surprised by two dogs and they stole his shoe so we

approached the owner of the dogs who was also the owner of the beach and restaurant and marked close to the beach and we said that his dog took the shoe

from our son, if he could help get it back and he told us that no he could not and we could go for ourself and he told us

that if we wanted the shoe back we could go get it herself and at that moment the dogs were kind of like fighting for the shoe like one and

each ended like dragging like dogs now – so we said to him that maybe he should scoff that was running free around the guests he then said that we

could just remove our child from the beach because it was his beach so he could do what he wanted so of course, we left so I’m not recommending

that beach so anyone but back to ladies beach we discovered that we were there on a Sunday so that’s why there was a lot of people’s the locals are

telling us that it was because we were there on a Sunday that there was this packet so his weddings day and we are on the way there now so


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