Wicked Lasers Laser Cube Review

Wicked Lasers Laser Cube Review
Wicked Lasers Laser Cube Review

It is the wicked lasers laser cube and is a portable laser projector. It’s not a projector like you might think. I can cast my screen too with a wall or article game console anything like that no it is just lasers this uses three diodes with a total power of the standard version for 99 is 800 milliwatts and the pro version 599 is one full watch absolute power of. Shining lasers. That doesn’t sound like a whole lot. It’s just one wash, but when you think that the tiny laser pointers.

You can get like a drug store pet store is just five milliwatts. This is 200 times the power, and even this is a 60 at the power of a professional engraving laser, which is the size of the table. This is a tiny portable battery-powered laser projector that lets you show that laser light shows play games listen to music with cold facts and even in the grave some things with it, and I’m going to show you how it works.

I am running the software called laser us everything needs to be controlled through laser us either through a computer or a cell phone or tablet. It’s apt for a program. That lets you set basically what this shows off lots of different graphics that do a lot of different things, but this is just the simple stuff you can do still photos fine how about animations. Do the animation section and a globe. Have a wine bottle.

And because it’s vector graphics, I can give a call you know 3 D. Effect, not 3 D, as in processing 3 D. graphics but just taking bright lines against a black background and Adam in the right way you can because of cooling effect like that like your K. game Tempest. You also have a.

Airplane, this defaults to a bunch of different sorts of effects because the idea is you’re going to use this if you’re a DJ or performer. You want to have something cool shining in the background the lasers can get much more significant than this and put it across the whole wall so you can have things happening when you’re playing music so I can set this to a visualizer. And let me is the microphone array on.

It should be yeah six now it’s going to have a voice, and I can sync it with whatever music’s playing any audio device on this, and it will do a light show in time with the beat of whatever I’m doing. So if you’re a DJ that’s a big boom for this and it’s a lot smaller than most laser projectors of this kind, the front end is battery powered. It’s plugged in right now because well, we need to make sure.

It’s running for this video, but it can last 2 to 3:00 hours just without this. It doesn’t connect wirelessly though you do need a USB connection to your phone or notebook. These are straightforward arcade game sort of. All but in name classic arcade games like a spy hunter PAC man asteroids Space Invaders this is never again let’s try something else about some.

Please avoid in hard mode. It’s these dots, but if you have like a smoke machine or any just kind of cloudiness near a fog machine, it lets you see the beams and then put your hands in front of the beams camera watching this will say blocking these beams. Then each being blocked is different notes you can kind of play it like a harp no one of the coolest parts of this I cannot show right now because it would start a fire. I’m not hyperbolic about that. I mean, it’s designed to burn things. This is a burning function so that you can use it to actual words leather is.

Possibly in light acrylics, but this again is not nearly as powerful as professional burning lasers that are much bigger much more expensive, but I’ve made some little coaster isn’t plaques and just things of bits of wood, so it does burn. 99 part here is the software. It is buggy and offered to use.

You got to wrestle with it to get what you want out of this and be doing a lot of experimenting with projector placement alignment settings to get the most out of what you’re projecting or burning or just plain West is a bit of a pain. Still, you have your mind to do that it’s.

Doable this is not a broken device at all. You can get cool things to happen besides that it isn’t the most attractive wrist to remind the device with lasers. The pointers are known for being like cool lightsabers like the design, so this is just the starkest plain projector they could put out words.

Just a black cube that could run a little bit more than the wicked lasers laser cube is a pretty unique device. I mean, there are laser show projectors burning lasers. There are bunch things kind of like this, but this like a Jack of all trades lightbox that doesn’t do anything correctly but does a lot of cool stuff.

You can play with, and if you’re a hobbyist, if you’re willing to spend half a grand on a laser that can burn and you play little arcade games and show stuff NBA music visualize just two bunch of things, and I want to play with those modes. It’s a pretty neat hobby device.


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