OnePlus Buds Review

OnePlus Buds Review
OnePlus Buds Review

Hi, The one plus Budd’s, the one plus buds are one plus’s new low cost true wireless earbuds. Now, this is the model in manured blue color. This is the loop from the new one. Plus into work phone and look at them. They’re just gorgeous. They also come in this and green case.

These are seventy nine dollars. And for this kind of design and this kind of look, they’re really lovely.

The performance is also really nice. Let me get the other color and we’ll talk a little about the performance.

So here we have the one plus buds in the more standard white. Now the white buds are going to be the model available in the U.S.. The blue buds are only available in Europe and India, but they’re so cool. I think they might be worth trying to find.

Now, here’s the white buds. As you can see, they come in this charging case.

Now, I’ve tested about eight hours of battery life with the buds on their own, and the charging case has two more charges.

So that’s a total of about 24 hours of battery life. The charging in case charges via USGBC and it charges pretty quickly. So there’s not that much to worry about in terms of charging. Now, let’s take a closer look at one of the buds themselves. Now, as you can tell, this looks a lot like an airport throw. They don’t have removable exchangeable at your tips. It’s one size fits all.

But like with the air pods pro, when you put it in your ear, it is relatively secure and comfortable.

Now, it might not be if you have very oddly sized or oddly shaped ears. And for those, you’re going to need to get butts that have more exchangeable clips. There is just little boom here which improves sound quality.

Now, something that you need to understand about the buds here and put the other one in now.

Now, something you need to understand about the Budd’s is that sound quality is pretty good in the mike, but there is very little noise cancelation. So, for instance, when you heard that car go by over there, that car noise would come through on the buds.

Music quality, audio quality on these generally. Excellent.

I tried them with various kinds of music. I tried them with a voice. They sound really good.

Now let me show you something on a phone about the one plus Bud’s quality and the number one thing that I think is a problem with these earbuds.

Now, here’s the Android control panel for the one plus. But as you can tell, using a one plus phone, you can find out individual battery levels for each of the buds. And the case, you can turn on AC a high music quality. Now, notice it’s AC and not FDX. I don’t see FDX Lossless on this. I S.A.C. and you can see a couple of other options.

Now, what you don’t see and the biggest problem with the one plus buttons is on device controls. Now going back to these buttons.

If you tap the bud right now, it goes to the next music track. Now, if you have a one plus phone, you’ll be able to change that double tap to be activating Google assistant or play pause or something like that.

That software isn’t on my phone yet. So I couldn’t show you. But there’s only one control. You, for instance, don’t have on device controls for volume and you can’t have multiple options with multiple taps. But the thing is, it’s only one control. You can’t have on device volume controls and you can’t have multiple options with multiple kinds of taps.

There is a long press which lets you hang up on a call or lets you change between two phones or a phone, the P.C. that are both attached to the buds, but you can’t customize that. And you can only customize the double tap if you have a one plus phone.

Now, I would personally customize it to be Google assistant because you can access a lot of these other features from Google assistant.

Play pause, that sort of stuff. You can do that all from Google assistants.

Doesn’t this a cool blue earbud? You don’t see a lot of those in other brands. All the same, though, these earbuds cost seventy nine. Ninety nine. That’s a lot less than other high quality, true wireless earbuds with this kind of range. I was definitely seeing over 30 feet of range with clear music quality, which is really nice, good range, good battery life, good sound quality.

That is a really cool thing, even if the on device controls aren’t as flexible as I would like.

So those are the one plus buds. They’re really neat. They come in blue and white. They will be available for seventy nine. Ninety nine.


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