In The Swedish Wilderness Camping And Kayaking

In The Swedish Wilderness Camping And Kayaking
In The Swedish Wilderness Camping And Kayaking

Good morning it’s such a lovely day today we arrived pretty late yesterday because we got lost we were following our path on the map but

somehow we ended up on the wrong Island which we had to set our position our course so unfortunately I didn’t get time to record anything yesterday when we came

to true camp it was my attention to to make some b-roll of the camp and do a little artical thingy about putting up the camp anyway now we’re cooking

some breakfast after that we will gonna set out and do some more kayaking we’re running a bit late and so we have a little more distance to paddle than

we had planned in the beginning but now it’s time for breakfast [Music] okay so I thought I would give you a camp shoe here and I’ll camp this day

we will start here we have our kayaks our dining place with a great view over the lake two persons tent it’s not so big but it’s big enough and

it’s not so heavy of our sleeping bags it’s such a lovely day it’s really it’s very very warm and there’s almost no wind sadly it was so late before

we put up camp yesterday I mean we when we were finished putting up the tent it was almost dark and then we had to start to cook and all

that when we were eating it was total dark and it’s getting it gets really really dark out here so we didn’t have so much time to enjoy yesterday it’s

sad because it’s really really nice it’s really nice I just love it out here in in the woods especially here in Sweden it they have so lovely nature it’s

undescribed it’s it’s unimaginable it’s really really beautiful but the Sun is rather bright going to my eyes [Music] never complain about the sauna [Music] nice view we finished eating

our breakfast so now we will take down the camp and pack it all into the kayaks and we off to the next destination so see you there this

is unbelievable you just found this place it’s a small island in this lake where we kayaking there’s just these trees like everywhere and cliffs like bursting out of the

ground it’s amazing I have never seen something like that ever before it’s really the Swedish nature is so so far away from what we have in Denmark in Denmark

it’s just flat everywhere it’s just so small place but here you just got this amazing nature it’s unbelievable it’s unbelievable I will show you now how it looks like

and it’s just some island in this lake where we are kayaking but it’s not the only place here I mean everywhere along the coastline it’s just giant clips and

it’s just so beautiful anyway we’re here now and I really think that that we should take take a good look on this it’s just this giant rock like bursting

out of the ground and we came from the water right down to our kayaks I don’t know if it’s possible to see but they down there and it was

just a coincidence we were looking for a place to have our lunch and we went ashore we were just amazed by this beautiful place but I think it’s time

to make some b-roll so we have arrived at our next camp destination we were paddling and paddling to find a place much you can say

about this rocky cliff like landscape it’s very very beautiful but it’s very hard to find a plain ground to put up a tent but we found a place it

took some time so we laid again to camp it’s now 6:30 in the evening so it will get dark pretty soon and we still need to cook some dinner

my plan was to record that we put up the tent but all needed to happen so fast because now it’s starting to rain and all those things that’s just

going against you every time but now we will fix some dinner and then I don’t know we’re hoping that the rain will not continue so we can sit outside

this is our last night outside tomorrow it’s good we’re going home and sadly it’s getting too cold now too cold time of the year to spend more outside with

the equipment that we have but now it’s dinner time and then after that it’s relaxing time with coffee and whatever we have so that’s it now it’s pretty exciting

trying out our new tent it seems I really like that tent it’s it’s really it’s really awesome and also I have tried my new sleeping bag and it was

also awesome I didn’t at all freeze at night I don’t know if I will do any blogging tomorrow but if not then I will see you in the next


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