For Photography Or Outdoor Activities

For Photography Or Outdoor Activities
For Photography Or Outdoor Activities

it’s starting to get to that time of the year we’re doing things outside it’s only fun if you are wearing the right clothing so I thought in this artical

that I will give my thoughts under heat to gloves nobody likes to be cold when they outside and I’m sure we all know that feeling of freezing hands

when you’re doing things outside and this photographer and videographer you need to have your hands out like all the time you can’t really operate the camera with your hands

in your pocket now again in 2017 we went to Kazakhstan I don’t know if you saw the video if not I will link to it someplace here on the

screen but it was pretty cool there it was minus 25 degrees Celsius so it was pretty damn cold normally at that time I would use this thin like like

these gloves it’s just normal one size gloves that there’s no wind protection and no water protection at all I would be using them and they were doing an okay

job here where I’m living I will still get cold hands but it will not be to that point where where I’m freezing so they will do the job however

in Kazakhstan that was not the case my hands were so cold and I they was literally freezing I needed to take breaks where I put my hands in the

pocket to just keep a normal temperature in my hands so it was not very fun being outside to do videos of photography and like that things because as I

said in the beginning nobody likes to do these things when you’re freezing so that made me think that I needed a solution and I found the heat to glove

so here’s my thoughts on them you have a hood in the front then you can open and snap to a magnet that sits here on the on the back

of your hand and then it’s just stuck there then you turn the gloves into fingerless gloves and that just give you maximum functionality in your fingers like what’s hot

screen and camera gear and whatever you need to to fill with if you need to do something in your pocket or in your backpack or something like that then

you have this functionality in your fingers the thumb works in kind of the same way you wear it and then it’s it’s warm it’s giving more and then you

can just open it and it snaps also to a magnet on the back and then it’s open and then it’s totally fingerless glove you have a pocket inside that

is made for hand warmers you know is kind of packs that you were like snap or whatever you do and then you just put them in here and they

will they will add warmth to your hand so they they made a pocket for that you have straps here between you have two straps between the fingers you don’t

know if it’s possible to see but you have two straps here and that that’s just for for removing the glove from your hand easy and nice apparently the heat

gloves were originally made for the German and Austrian military forces they come in in three types there is the the heat to fleece the heat to Windex and the

heat to shaft shell the version I have is the heat to sharp shell it’s the most expensive one of them because I needed to have it like wind repellent

and water repellent as well since it’s also the most warmest glove now since I bought them right after Kazakhstan in 2017 it was winter 2017 December 2017 so it

was actually more close to 2018 so in beginning of this year I bought this gloves and I have had them all winter and all the early time of spring

when it’s cold here in Scandinavia and I think they they just lay off some awesome gloves there’s some awesome gloves they really keeping my fingers warm especially when they

closed but also when they opened I still feel that my hands is getting getting warm just by covering that the palm of my hand so I think they really

really good quality well-made and and I can add their nose there are no issues with them at all I mean the inside of the palm is made of gold

leather so it’s very soft and very nice to the touch you have well crow a locking system on the thumb that is working good you have the magnets

that is working good only only issue I have had with the Magnus was when I was photographing trail terrain trails train tracks train tracks and every time I was

getting low to the track the magnet was kind of grabbing that track so it was a little bit annoying but apart from that no issues at all the straps

here seems like like really good quality and I’m really getting a pain in my back for standing like this but yeah what you don’t do to help people right

the cuff links are the the cops I made extra long to keep your warm as high as possible on the arm like I said before when the gloves are

closed they very warm I haven’t had any issue with cold fingers or anything like that when they’re closed I can actually feel that my hands getting warmed when they

opened I can feel that they still warm in my hand but of course my fingers can get cold if it’s in there during the winter and if I have

them open too long then my fingers will get they will freeze so that’s why I have the extra pair of thin gloves the ones I showed you before to

keep inside to wear inside like an inner glove the heat company they have Enoch laughs there they made of goat skin so I’m sure they very very nice to

wear but I just hadn’t had the chance to buy them yet so I’m just wearing the normal one size cheap gloves now these gloves the heat true soft shell

comes at 50 euro the heat true Windex that is the model just below this one cost 40 euro and the cheapest one the heat to fleece cost 30 euro

and the company that sells them they call the the heat company they offer free delivery if you’re living inside the European Union that you then you get free delivery

so that’s kind of nice if you’re living inside the you of course so the conclusion I really love these gloves they really really wonderful I have been do you

know that feeling when you’re getting something and you just when you’re wearing it you’re just thinking oh my god I’m so glad I bought this that’s how I’m feeling

every time I’m wearing these gloves I think they add a great way to give you warmth and functionality in the same time they are easy to open and close

here you have this pocket that you’re just put in the fingers and it’s easy to and you have the thumb and it’s also very easy and I really do

love the possibilities that you put hand warmers inside of the glove if that should be necessary I haven’t had any reason to use them yet but I have hand

warmers at home so should it be necessary I have them and I and I will use it but for our winters it has not been necessary and I really

do love their they added straps here take the gloves easily off when you need to talk them away in your pockets or something like that now the magnet system

the magnet system can be a little if if I’m wearing like this jacket like this big thick winter jacket that was the reason I wore this jacket today because

I’m actually sweating because it’s not it’s not it’s not that cold that it’s necessary but I needed to show you this if you’re wearing this type of jacket then

you have the the sleeve of the jacket is covering the magnet so you cannot make like this easy easy snap so you need to like so it can be

a little tricky it’s not so big of a deal I just thought I would mention it now if you need more warm the heat company also have have more

expensive solutions and this for Arctic environments and things like that I just thought it was like overkill if you need more warmth than this then like we talked about

before you can add the thinner inner glove inside the glove or they also have a shield if you’re doing anything outside the outdoors then you know that you know

about the layer system you have an inner layer then you have the mom player and then the protective layer it’s kind of the same thing you will have the

inner glove then you will have this to add the warmth and then you will have a a shell glove that is water resistant and wind resistant that was

it that was my thoughts on the key to club I will link to the website and to the gloves that I have in the description I really do hope

that you liked this artical and that you find it useful in any way if you did then please let me know in the comments and give it a like

on photography equipment videography equipment outdoor gear if that is something that you’re into I will be doing some artical on that as well in the near future but that


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