Microsoft Surface Book 3 (15-Inch) Review

Microsoft Surface Book 3 (15-Inch) Review
Microsoft Surface Book 3 (15-Inch) Review

If you’re stuck working from home these days like I am, you might be wishing that you had a small but powerful laptop to get your work done. One of those might be the new service book three for Microsoft. This is Microsoft’s arguably most powerful laptop because it has the option for some serious graphics processing from video as well as an Intel core.

Seven thirty gigabytes of memory and up to a two terabyte SSD.

But the niftiest thing about the Surface Book three is that it actually transformed into a standalone tablet.

Now, it’s not something like the iPod which requires you to buy a separate keyboard and attach it and detach it frequently. The service for puffery actually comes as a complete package, and its keyboard bass is mechanically linked to the display to detach it.

You have to push a button on the keyboard, which prepares it for release.

And then as soon as it’s ready, you just lift it off and then you can take this display portion of the service, put three with you and use it as a tablet.

Now, there are a few downsides to using the service book three as a TAV, in addition to the fact that you can’t type on a keyboard or touch the touchpad. There are also two batteries in the service book three, one of which is located in the keyboard base. Some of those processing components, including in video graphics card, are also located in the base, which means you might have a slightly more sluggish computing experience.

Another downside to the service, both three, is that it is very expensive.

It starts at sixteen hundred dollars. And if you add those configuration options like three, two gigabytes of memory and the video graphics card, you can easily get the purchase price close to three thousand dollars. Now almost all of the ports on the service for free are located on the keyboard base.

That includes two USA type eight ports, a USB type seaport, and the service connect port, which lets you connect the AC adapter or attach additional Microsoft accessories like the service stuff for additional peripheral connections.

There are a few buttons on the display part of the service book three that include volume buttons and the power button as well as.

Yes, there is a three point five millimeter headphone job for your wired listening pleasure when you’re using the display by itself. The part of the display that connects to the keyboard bass actually doubles as a second service connect port so you can charge the battery of the display by itself when it’s not connected.

Now, who is the service book three really for?

In my opinion, it’s best for two types of people. The first is folks who like to use their devices to create digital art or some other type of multimedia.

This means that you’re probably using the service, both three, to write or draw on the screen with accessories like a digital pen or even the Microsoft Surface dial.

And then you might have a significant amount of post-production work to do, which requires these powerful components.

Other category of person is the busy traveling professional who will frequently use the service book three without its keyboard base and just drop this display into a sleeve and carry it around.

It’s only about a pound and a half of weight with the display by itself, which means it’s quite portable, far more portable than many other 15 inch laptops.

But for everyone else, though, the service book three is kind of overkill. There are quite a few tablets and conventional laptops out there that handle most, but not all of the service book three strengths, and they’re frequently much less expensive.

So if you know, you primarily want a laptop or you primarily want a tablet, you should check out one of those alternatives instead.


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