All Goes Wrong

All Goes Wrong
All Goes Wrong

Good day so I’ve put myself outside to this lovely environment of the outdoors and it’s pretty nice weather at the moment in this artical I want

to address some issues that I’m having at the moment I like this feeling that everything is just going against me every time I’m going out to shoot something or

to take pictures or anything like that you feel that no matter how you’re trying that everything is just going against you I don’t know if I can come this

way at all there’s a path okay however I went to my brother’s house the the other weekend the plan was that we were gonna shoot a lot of articals

and doing some photography to put to Instagram I’m just going through this wilderness here but it’s not really there’s a path that’s so much wilderness I was spending

the night there I was actually spending the night in his backyard since I was testing out a sleeping bag but we planned everything the evening before and everything was

just going smooth we woke up early ready to go outside then my brother came from his bedroom with the message that he was sick he went anyway the plan

was that we were going to to a wind shelter and we were gonna start up a fire and cook some sausages and just have a good time however we

were sitting in this place we did caught some boot and we did start a fire but we were sitting in this place and then we was just talking about

how everything is just going against you and with that I mean time is just something that you need to grab whenever it’s there when I need to do a

video like today this was not at all planned I just had like two hours to go out here and start to record something so I just grabbed the chance

and when I don’t know when I else can do it I need to change my arm now this is getting heavy I’m trying a new setup by

the way there was coming a lot of wind to my microphone now I don’t have a dead cat I should probably buy one but I just have the regular

form wind kava noise thing but I was getting a lot of heavy wind noise in my shots so I made some tests of my microphone and apparently the wind

noise was coming from behind the microphone where you plug in the the plug from the camera to the microphone and that is rather unusual I would say I’m using

the videomic go from rode I can show you now this system the solution I found I have a windsock for my zoom microphone which I mounted on the backside

just wait now the sound will be coming from the camera there’s a plane coming [Music] so I hope it works and this solution also doubles up as an extra

annoyance for blocking up my LCD screen on the back side so I cannot see easily without removing the longhairs and it’s also triggering the sensor through a switch from

the viewfinder so the screen is black unless I tilt it out a little so all working good another thing just going against me I guess anyway back to the

story apart from all the bad things happening to us we still managed to record some things so here is a short of our trip okay so you read

in the title that I will be changing my channel name because I think my current channel name is not giving any sense I mean it’s Wacka fish I don’t

know why I thought about that I was sitting and he did a channel name and then going on through some things and I just thought okay this sounds sounds

okay I’ve thought about changing the channel name for a long time but I didn’t really know what to change it into so I thought that I will combine the

things that I really care about so on one side I have all the outdoor things that I like and on the other side I have the visuals I have

me going out making videos that’s also a really big passion that I have taking photos and doing these kind of things like the creative aspect and I will be

combining them to one channel so that’s why I change I will change my channel name through outdoor visuals I’m also working on a logo hmm there’s another path here

we can walk I don’t know if I’m allowed to be here but I’m sure they will come and kick me out if I’m not anyway I will be combining

these two things so that was my update for now I just had a couple of hours to shoot this videos really no matter how many things are going against

you there’s nothing more to do than just keep going so my advice to you would be just keep going keep going keep going keep going create what you can

and and don’t give up it’s like what you say when when there were all this smacking your face just turn the other cheek like you’re not gonna get me

kind of thinking if that makes any sense anyway that was what I had for


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