The Samsung Galaxy Fit Review

The Samsung Galaxy Fit Review
The Samsung Galaxy Fit Review

Samsung isn’t a brand you typically associate with affordability. Still, for $100 the galaxy fit offers a ton of value it accurately tracks step count distance heart rate and sleeps it’s sleek, streamlined design is easy on the eyes and versatile enough to wear both in and out of the gym and while.

We don’t love the fact that fate requires two different apps to use its interface is intuitive and smooth and throw in smartphone notifications and up to 7 days of battery life. You get an entry-level fitness tracker that’s worthy of sharing our editor’s choice with the fifth that inspires H. R. there’s no denying that the galaxy favors a strong resemblance to Samsung’s gear fit two pros but in a more compact form factor.

Its aluminum case is a little bulky for my small wrist. However, it still manages to look unobtrusive and out again. It’s also super lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the day.if it comes in 2 different color options, a black case with the silicone wristband for a silver case with a white wristband. Well, the straps are interchangeable. Samsung doesn’t currently offer additional bands to purchase.

I just in the black model, which is easy to pair with work out wear and casual outfit, the wristband has the pin and tuck closure that feel secure during exercise. However, I still prefer the ease of a traditional Bible class as I mentioned it’s a little big for my rest to get accurate heart rate readings I had to wear on the second to last, not first, not fit.

A color analyst display is large enough to show you much staff that one ‘s content looks vibrant colors pop against a black background. It’s much more beautiful than the inspire H. ours despite even if the bezels are still pretty tacky as for durability, both the case and wristbands are water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you’re safe to wear in the shower or take it with you first.

Under the hood of the fat is in and see you for tax and 33 F. processor an accelerometer a gyroscope and a heart rate monitor instead of Samsung’s ties an operating system it runs the real-time OS. Which is compatible with android and iOS out of the box the fed comes with five widgets that you can cycle through these are health exercise sleep weather and stress which at.

The stress includes a meter that reads your stress levels throughout the day and shows your average levels, so I didn’t find it to actor and testing there were moments when I felt stressed, and the meter remained stagnant. The fed is also fully customizable with the ability to add or remove widgets depending on your preferences.

It’s important to note that the galaxy fat requires two apps dedicated galaxy fab and the Samsung health app the fed up is what you use to pair the tracker to your phone via Bluetooth it also allows you to customize display settings manage notifications switch between watch faces and check connectivity’s status, unfortunately, having to apps makes for a more cumbersome experience benefit that offers the galaxy fab has a tab for Samsung health so,

you can automatically access it from there without finding on your phone manually, but since there’s no way to get back to the fit-out via the health app, you’re often bouncing back and forth between the 2. The galaxy fed support automatic recognition for activities like the treadmill walking running elliptical rowing and productive work out at the gym.

I went on the elliptical test this feature out after about 11 minutes. It correctly identified that I was on the machines after it’s done. It took a few minutes to recognize I stopped before automatically ending the workout and sinking the information to my phone.

On the Samsung health app dashboard, you can see a variety of different metrics, including fitness goals steps heart rate weight food intake, and more. Still, unlike this fence out. Which organizes everything into neat tiles that are easy to follow the great on the health out can be a little overwhelming until.

You get used to it as for battery life Samsung says the galaxy fits $120000000 battery lasts up to 7 days depending on usage after using it for 2004 hours to track my steps and heart rate during the day a 2-hour work out in my sleep throughout the night I was at about 78 percent.

The galaxy that delivered reliable, consistent results in my testing check out these comparisons stats. When it comes to sleep tracking, the fit is also accurate to compare results. I wear it to bed alongside the fifth inspire H. R.

The large log 4:00 hours and 39 minutes well they inspire each is locked 4:00 hours 38 minutes it also correctly identified when I fell asleep and woke up using the app I could see a graph of my sleep stages and at what point I was in ram the flight and deeply.

The same thing I think is a terrific entry-level fitness tracker. It’s a worthy alternative to the Fitbit inspire. Each is mainly. If you plan to do most of your tracking on the device itself, inspiring HR remains a better choice for more data-centric users.

As it tracks your heart rate sounds during workouts and calculates your cardio fitness for using via to Max, both are excellent options for the price and are equally worthy of being called our editors choice.


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