At The Freezing Point Lost Signal

At The Freezing Point Lost Signal
At The Freezing Point Lost Signal

it’s called today it’s actually at the freezing point I don’t know if it’s everybody calling in that but we called it that freezing point it’s zero degrees when water’s

freezing not quite cold enough though for my winter jacket but anyway it’s nice to have a jacket that can withstand the harsh weather anyway I’m here to talk about

my drone last summer I bought my DG I’m a big year I had planned a trip to Bali with my family and I was eager to fly the drone

there but when I started to fly my drone I got a message like an alarm with a lost signal and I didn’t understand that because the drone was only

100 to 200 meters away from me so it was pretty frustrating and it was like that the whole body holiday just getting this signal error all the time just

my drone returning to home and it was rather annoying and so I searched on the internet for a solution and I was reading a lot and I’m sure you all

know that if you are searching around the internet you get tons of answers and none of them is helping that the problem that you have so they said

that it was maybe a not update so I was thinking that the DJI app could not update my drone probably I was searching more around and that came a

a lot of answers that but none of them seemed to make any sense it didn’t work at all for me I was also reading that it could be disturbance from

the Wi-Fi signal the Bluetooth signal so I turned everything off and nothing held 150 meters era losing signal returning to home so I thought it could be disturbance from

the Wi-Fi signals from the restaurants and I thought it could be disturbance from other pilots around because on Bali there is a lot of drones flying around I was

also flying in secluded areas and nothing helped it was the same all holiday was the same and I was thinking that maybe I had a falling drone or something

but on the last day, I figured it all out this was how I thought that the antenna needed to be however the antennas need to be

like that and that is because the antenna is sending out a signal not from the top of the antenna but around antenna so if I’m pointing my antenna like

this and then I’m flying my drone staying like this the antennas will be pointing directly to the drone so it will be in the dead zone and that’s why

it’s it doesn’t have any signal so now I am flying like this if you have the drone in front of you if you have the drone directly above you

then you need to have the antennas like this so that was what I had for you in this video just a little advice I thought it would share with

peoples I’m not saying that it will fix every problem with losing signals on the Maverick air but it could fix my problem so that’s it, for now, do remember


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