The New Razer Blade Stealth 13 Review

The New Razer Blade Stealth 13 Review
The New Razer Blade Stealth 13 Review

Hey, I’m not too busy with the newest addition of razor smallest laptop. This is the blade 13 self, which is the partner to the 15-inch point on the 17-inch model, so the idea between the 13-inch plate used to be that.

This was their ultraportable nongaming notebooks. Researchers started to do away with that idea over the years slowly. They added the GPU option to do some gaming on the side if you want to go for that configuration, but that would just come standard there’s a 1650 T. I. M. S.

Which is not a slouch in terms of game reformist, especially full HD that’s perfectly capable no it’s not a powerhouse. It’s not as good as many as 15 inches or bigger laptops. Still, we can do the job, which puts this in a unique place because there aren’t all the same many.

But any 13-inch gaming laptops on the market outside of this are some 14-inch options. Still, something the small that’s otherwise just competing with all support tools that can do HD gaming at 60 frames are closed what you’re playing is pretty impressive.

We reviewed a lot of different redesigns of it over the years. Sometimes, those include significant physical overhaul occasionally, including component updates. This model is somewhere in between. There are some material changes to this. The main dishes are new features and some component updates, starting with the changes you can see.

We’re going to look at the keyboard with a slightly different design layout; it doesn’t look like anything crazy. It’s not the changes to make a little more standardized the arrow keys and formerly been full size which I walked up to extent means you have to compromise somewhere sort reserved on the passes make this shifty point 5 with and for me and a lot of people who use standard size keyboards.

When you go to hit the shift key, it would be the arrow key instead. You met so Razer as finally just upgraded the shifting to full-size image the smaller because most people use it very often. You can get away with a half-life Iraqi, but the regular shift was entertaining for some users of the address that its full size.

It’s otherwise a pretty standard keyboard layout you for backlighting customize what we do, which is always friendly and even back with the function role pierced and used to be the case in some of the older models, so we appreciate that as well the. The next change that’s technically physicals a little bit harder to notice of the displays 120 hertz, which since has a gaming GPU.

You can make use of not all games going to hit that with the G. 2 units in this laptop, but if you’re playing some multiplayer titles, especially if you lower the settings a bit. You can hit 8000 maybe a bit higher than that frame per second, making use of 120 third screen the second you over 60 frames.

You’re benefiting from the higher refresh screen, so you for not setting about feeling all the time its cool inclusion. It’s the only one at this size 13 inches to include a high refresh display this fast other than that this laptop is physically the same weighs 3.1 pounds get high-quality metal build supports, or even. The same you’ve USB A., and USB C. on either side of the site as an audio Jack and 1 of these U. S. B. C. sports support thunderbolt three but otherwise, it’s the same high-quality build we’ve come to know the thin bezels.

It’s a nice-looking laptop, and it feels great, so how about this then it might you want to be able to use off the charger this ran for about 10:00 hours on our battery rundown test. It’s pretty good that it’s not topping the charts, but that’s a beautiful long battery life you can throw the bag back out later you know to be still running.

I’m not quite all day but pretty good results I think V. GPU and the high refresh screen have an impact on the battery life. You have to give it a little bit of leeway. If you’re going to what those features I mentioned the gaming GPU and it’s pretty reliable performance before.

But you also get his attention core I. 7 processor 16 gigabytes of ram and a 512 gigabyte SST for some games that are big and tall sizes looking at your call of duty that’s a little limiting I mean if I talk about us is the doesn’t go super far for games anymore. Still, it’s okay for a laptop of this size that’s a pretty acceptable amount our configuration is 1799, which is a little pricey but you have to remember.

You’re getting a high-quality metal contacts laptop and the gaming GPU, so compared to some of the other competitors, that’s a pretty fair price. There’s only one configuration above this with walks out of 4 kids play for our opportunity P. screen as the 4 K. touchscreen saucier creative for someone who likes watching media 4 K. It might be a worthwhile option to you probably would recommend it at the.

Since I was 13 inches is pretty small and negatively impacted gaming, it definitely will be able to game with that resolution. Hence, the value maybe isn’t there, but if you’re enthusiasts and like 4 K., you have the option. Overall really like this laptop, there are a lot like it we were impressed last year to kind of figure in this current form and hasn’t changed too much from that there still aren’t any competitors like it is he says the 14 inch RG suffers G. 14.

Which is an excellent value or some less expensive than this is the right gaming laptop it’s a little bigger, but you know pros and cons of each thing otherwise, it’s kind of competes with the Dell XPS 13 the MacBook pro-13-inch things that you would use as a daily ultraportable.

But has the advantage of being a gaming machine some people want that some people don’t want to pay extra for it if you don’t do any Hemming. Still, it’s cool that this exists in the thirteenth one factor, and it’s well done not a lot of significant drawbacks good battery life.

I guess it could be longer not a ton of port options that kind of gives you every type of port, so you’re pretty covered from support. As a result, we have a 4-star rating, and you can check out.


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