Fail Bush craft

Fail Bushcraft
Fail Bushcraft

we just found a lovely place here in the forest and we parked the car we walked around one hour into the forest and look here awesome I’m here

with my brother who is visiting this weekend and we out here – we will put up a camp but it will not be like we will not sleep here

because we don’t have sleeping equipment for that but we will set up a small like temporary camp if you can call it that we will put up a top

we have a tarp it’s not actually a top but it’s somewhat close to a top and then we will get we will get a fire started and we will

cook some breakfast we didn’t have breakfast yet and then we will cook some coffee and just enjoy being out in nature it’s really lovely it’s a little on

the cold side I think it’s around minus 4 degrees Celsius so it’s a little cold but we’re wearing clothing for the cold weather so so

it’s fine no problems at all so that’s the plan for today so follow along it’s such a nice weather today I don’t know if you

saw the video I made about how things everything is just going wrong all the time this day is just exactly the exact opposite of that in that video

I explained about a trip I had with my brother where everything just went wrong it’s just it was just we had that one day that we could go out

and record and have some good time but then he got sick and the weather was not with us and all those things you know just going against us

but today it’s just amazing I mean it’s winter we have the sunshine we have clear blue sky we have a nice place here in the forest

[Applause] we found this lock that’s somebody cut it that we will use as a chopping block I think it will work well it’s a little bit hard to find

wood here that is not rotten or soaked we don’t have a saw so we will be using the ax as the other video I made if you didn’t see

it has a link to it here someplace it will be hard but what can we do we don’t have anything else so let’s get to it

so we got the fire going it’s looking good it looks like that it that it’s working we’re not sure that we have enough fuel so

we better start cook now we have some eggs some bacon and some sausages the paracord that we used for the top that goes from the top to the trees

and across the camp it’s this I don’t know if you can see it but it’s green so and we use the orange and the back of the top

the better solution would have been that we used the orange paracord where there is a chance that you can walk into it and we could have put them in

the height that I mean this one is a good height but the other one yeah the other one is not it’s right in the head Heights anyway we will

get some food going now and after that, we will make some coffee and if we will not make some coffee I will not use that part I said about

the coffee in the artical just so you know but bacon right there it’s amazing [Music] sadly we have to go home it could be nice to take

an overnighter but as I said before we don’t have the equipment for that but anyway just enjoying this it’s really really nice awesome and you’ve gotta

take what you can right so just a little time here it’s better than no time here so that’s it we are done we are packing up the camp as

you can see we’re going home we still have some walking to do when it’s getting it’s getting dark now soon so that was what I had for you in

the same forest it’s positioned right at a trail on a trail so trail path whatever you will call it so there’s a lot of traffic going on there and you

know people will wondering what that man doing with an ax cutting wood and recording himself at the same time I will be going around looking for some boot it

has been snowing so the Buddhist is rather wet so I’m trying to like pick the pieces that are elevated from the ground and not the one that is on

the ground that has soaked all the water from the snow so I’m just trying to find relatively dry branches so that is very thin that will catch

a fire so many here’s two little tears on your pillow [Music] okay so what’s happening now is that it has started to rain I’m a little concerned

about my camera gear how it will be doing in the rain, however, I found this I don’t know if you can see that it’s yeah it’s a tree

but it’s giving me a little roof here so I can work here I have this piece of a block I have been using before as to

chop to chop wood I don’t have a saw sadly so I need to do everything by X so it will take some time and it will be very

tiresome but we need to work with the tools we have right soon Julie don’t you wake up to okay guys I couldn’t I

couldn’t start a fire I couldn’t get the tinder to work I thought that the birch bark that I had to say was gonna be okay but sadly it was it

was a little bit moist so it wouldn’t catch a spark and it has been raining March now and now all my wood is is is soaking wet that was

fail bushcraft fail so I will go home now and I will come back in a couple of days I will pack up all my things I will come back

in a couple of days and I will not end the video now I will snap my fingers and the next time you see me I will be here again

hopefully without rain and we are back and today it’s really really amazing yeah no rain the Sun is off and we have a clear blue sky

which you will not see because of the trees but we also got this amazing huh snow is just I mean yeah it’s not much snow though but it’s

here and it’s giving so much mood to this place so this is gonna be great my materials they still here it has been raining the last couple of days

so I’m guessing that nobody wants to sit here and make a fire in the rain only me I will just get my gear out and then I will see

if I can get this fire started then I will cook some food I’m hungry so yeah so that’s the plan let’s get to it [Music] it’s not

going quite as how I wanted to I cannot get the fire to burn good it’s not catching I mean I’m getting flames and but I have to blow on

and blow on it and then it’s just going out all these branches they were staying here inside the shelter for a couple of days so maybe

it was not enough I don’t know but I will try again and if that will not work then I have some firewood in the indica that is just it’s

not so far away from here then huh then I will have to bring that and I will be like those chibi kitchens that have all prepared in advance but

it’s getting around noon and so I have a couple of hours to continue with this and I need to read something so I will try one more time

with this I have some more birch bark I will try again if it’s not working then I will bring the wood from the car and then I will get

a fire that’s 1% sure so that’s the plan for now so we got a fire going nothing while about that I was I didn’t get it to burn

the second time so I had to bring the fire for the wood from the car anyway I need to eat and I only have a couple of hours so

it’s burning and I have a whole bag full of wood lying there so I have five for the whole day I will just get a pan on

and cook some food I set myself aside away on this job so this is the cook set, yeah it’s a very very very small smaller it’s

very light and there’s a plate hot one-liter pot and the pan all in this one set so awesome and now we will preheat the pan and get some

cooking style yes it all points I set myself aside in the way if you probably shouldn’t have cooked the eggs and the sausage at the same time

but doesn’t matter really yeah what does it matter in it it’s

awesome it’s amazing I mean the Sun is coming out now I mean just sitting here in the forest in the middle of the winter and cooking on a fire

come on it’s just amazing my fire is going out now I can see after this I will start to boil some water for some coffee I’m getting really hungry

the smell of sausages and eggs it’s not helping on that so this is great we okay to another day so

the coffee is done it took a while but now it’s ready to let’s try it out it’s not bad it’s pretty good yes it’s nice

it’s nice well done it’s so nice and quiet out here I mean you can hear some cars in the distance there actually is there is a kindergarten right over

there but the children are not outside playing I cannot hear them at least so it’s nice you see some runners coming not many visitors in the in

the forest and this time of year I think this is there’s this super don’t drink the last well that’s it for now in this video I got

something to eat I got my coffee mission completed almost just I just wish that I could get the fire started without bringing my wood maybe next time maybe

in the summer who knows anyway, that is it that’s it for now so I will pack up and I will go home don’t forget to subscribe to the channel


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