Pair a Bluetooth Mouse With Your iPhone or iPad

Pair a Bluetooth Mouse With Your iPhone or iPad
Pair a Bluetooth Mouse With Your iPhone or iPad

You’re going to use one of these with one of these those amounts in case you can’t tell what with the new iOS 13 iPad iOS you can pair your Bluetooth mouse with an iPad or an iPhone and use it on the screen, but I will warn you right now.

It’s not going to be what you expect. This is an accessibility feature, so it’s designed for people who have trouble using their phones right out of the box, which is excellent. If you say, for example, don’t like using your finger, you cannot use a finger with your phone. It’s not going to be like using a mouse on the desktop. I’m going, being honest with you. Further, it’s a little weird watching a mouse cursor.

Shootaround on screen with apple device I have to admit it’s slightly unnerving, so here’s how it works. I’m going to wake up the mouse. You can see on the screen right there there’s this little cursor and it’s better to think of it less like a mouse cursor in more of a remote finger so you can see I’m clicking and dragging and I’m able to do all the sort of gestures that you’d expect from using a finger.

But I’m doing it with the mouse and this down here this is an accessibility button this comes with the whole accessibility platform for apple seven clicks here. It’s going to ax the home button to get in there and see him paging through I’m pulling down from the top all the stuff that you’d expect and if you’re not weird up by this, you’re braver than I am because I think this is very very strange.

Now if you’re thinking about using this as a replacement for the apple pencil I also have bad news for you I don’t think it’s the best way to go so I’ve opened up the notes app here and I’m going to do a little drawing, and you can see that I’ve got pretty good control.

But it’s not the kind of fine-grained control that you have with your finger. I also don’t get to do some of the more fun brushstrokes of for example to go like this you can see it’s a pretty solid wine, but when I’m able to use my finger, I can swipe and get more of a like a thinner or thicker line depending on how hard.

You press, so I would not call this a replacement for original pencil or another kind of style device for making art again. This is not for me right; this is a sort of this is a specialized need. Still, it does work, and it is pretty cool, and it’s pretty easy to set up a couple of options when customizing this if you go in your settings.

I’m going to do this with the mouse to make it extra tricky for myself. You click on accessibility. You’re going to touch and go on to assistive touch, which is over the top and down here; you’re going to see some pointing device options. You can see you have already paired this up the magic mouse, and I can map some of these buttons with different options that come preloaded, so you’re not going to like.

Create your shortcut correctly, but you can use your quick cuts, so if you want to get fancy, you could use the seer shortcuts app to create little application. That you can then bind to a button on your mouse supports two-button mouse is mice as far as I know if I’m wrong about that I’m sure I’ll hear about it soon you can also change a few more things the tracking speed.

So I’m going to turn it up to about where it was when I started you can shoot all over the screen right now I found it was way too fast when I started I had a lot of trouble getting to land on stuff I turned it way down. I recommend that if you’re going to do this, I recommend it.

You do the same you can change the cursor color, which I think is kind of use, not just fun for customization, but also if you have trouble seeing particular colors or it doesn’t work with your background, you have a hard time so you can do that. You can make it a large cursor which I like.

One user I did think of for this is if you do a lot of how-to articles on YouTube, this might be an advantageous way to sort of show what you’re doing on a screen without getting your finger in the way. But in those other applications probably do better, so if you’re excited about pairing your phone, your iPad with a mouse.

You’re going to need iOS 13, or in the new iPad iOS knows are currently only available as a public beta, which means you have to go on to the site download the public beta get that. All set up on your phone or pad or tablet and be sure to pack up first because this is beta software. Even if it is an apple, there could be some significant problems.

But when this launches in autumn, we expect to see this feature of living in still available in there. So if you ever want to under your mouse from your apple device .you’re going to want to go out of the assistive and accessibility area and go to general settings and go to the Bluetooth section.

It’s a little unintuitive because you set up your mouse in the assistive touch section of the accessibility settings and on parrot in the regular Bluetooth you just going to go there’s my apple magic mouse and click on that I’m going to say forget this device and goodbye forever. For a while, and you can see.

It’s gone so first things first you going to make sure that your mouse is not paired to your computer or any other device so if you’ve done that on there then you want power off and then power back on or whatever you need to do to put into pairing mode in this older apple magic mouse. You can see that it’s blinking, and for this device, that means that it’s ready to be paired, so I’ve also experienced using at least the beta that sometimes.

You have to reboot the device to get it to recognize that your mouse is available for Perrin, so you might want to keep that in mind sometimes takes a little longer, so first, in search, you can go on settings. You’re going to go into accessibility, and they’re going to touch any assistive touch. Intersystem touch on, and first things you notice is this little assistive touch circle down here at the bottom. This is fun.

You can reprogram it can do all sorts of fun things, so that’s going to turn on and then scroll down here. Two pointing devices because remember in the eyes of an apple this is not a mouse this is a Bluetooth pointing device monitor Bluetooth devices I’m going to start searching for available Bluetooth devices to pair with and.

If God loves me, then this will appear. So you can see it’s not quite there just yet, and I always have trouble pairing Bluetooth devices, so maybe I’m just unlucky, but this also been software. It’s a little bit rough around the edges still hopefully when it drops an automobile little more fine-tuned.

But again, this is an accessibility feature, and it’s not building the B. as super user friendly, and if you’re facing is a lot of other features are. So this is the downside beta software sometimes.

It just doesn’t work, but take my word for it. I was able to pare and pare this thing several times before we shot this article. It’s just proof that I am a cursed individual that I wasn’t able to do it on film, but it does work, and if you want to give it a shot you should do it going down the download the beta back up your phone first or your tablet first and then see what happens.

I do want to give a special note if you’re using 1 of these older apple magic mice they have a built-in password that is 0000 you have to enter that when your parents you might run similar problems in different mice I highly recommend doing some googling if you run into some issues. Still, if you want to use an iPad and iPhone with your mouse now, you can.


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