Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Hi, this is a first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Now this phone is what the Galaxy s 20 Ultra could have been. And considering it costs less than the Galaxy s 20 Ultra. Does it really seems like a slam dunk at the high end of Samsung’s lineup? Let’s take a closer look at a couple of the flagship features here and the design of the phone. So the first thing I want to show you here is this camera bump.

Look at this thing. It’s solid. It’s square. It has a lot of cameras on it.

That’s because this is a modified version of the Galaxy s 20 ultra camera array with its hundred and eight megapixel main sensor.

Now, the S 20 ultra had some trouble with its camera. The trouble being that the one hundred eight megapixel sensor has issues with focus.

But Samsung added a laser auto focus module to this one. It’s right over here. And as a result, I’ve been finding in my initial tests that the focus is much better and much faster on this Galaxy Note 20 ultra than on the ESC. Twenty Ultra. No. 20 Ultra also has the space zoom that the s 20 series had. But instead of supposedly going to one hundred X, this one goes to 50 X.

Now I think that’s just expectation management here.

The hundred X zoom on the Galaxy s 20 ultra was almost impressionistic. It was kind of useless.

This is a very similar camera layout, but it’s promising less zoom. So it’s just putting you in a more realistic context. Let’s take a look around the phone.

So we have, of course, the S pan and then notice the nice mystic bronze color of this phone. This is one of the new colors and the S pen is also Mistick bronze. Now, there’s this new feature where if you hold down the button on the S Espin and you sort of make scribbling motions in the air, it does various things. For instance, I just made a scribble motion and it took a screenshot. So that’s a new thing that the S10 can do.

I’m to put the pen back in here. Now you see the USGBC port. Obviously, there’s no headphone jack that there hasn’t been on Samsung’s flagship phones for a while.

This does have fast charging. It has wireless charging.

It has reverse charging. This phone has a 40 500 million power battery. The smaller Galaxy Note 20 model, which we don’t have yet, has a 40 300 million power battery on the top.

There’s the SIM card slot that also has a micro SD memory card slot. This phone comes in 128 and 512 MEG storage models. The 128 meg costs 12. Ninety nine five 12 meg costs fourteen forty nine.

Now we’ve got a six point nine inch screen here that has 120 hertz refresh rate.

Now, of course, you’re not going to see it scrolling at 120 hertz on this 30 frame per second article. So you’re gonna have to trust me on that for now.

Now, I did notice one thing, which is that 120 hertz refresh rate only applies in FH, demoed like on the Galaxy s 20 series. If you go to settings and you go to display, you find that if I try to switch to WQ HD mode, it tells me it can’t do 120 hertz.

Now, that’s a pity because 120 hertz screen on this device actually also connects to the Espin.

Here I’ve got Samsung notes on the screen. And if I scribble with the Espin, I’m not sure you can see it in this article.

But the pen is pretty much legless. Samsung has reduced the pin lag to nine milliseconds, which is about the refresh rate of 120 hertz screen, which means that this really does feel instantaneous. It feels like pen on paper. S pen has always been terrific. This is an even better s pen than before. And now it’s on par with the Ted Cruz pencil, too. So there’s a lot of other crazy features here that you can see a lot of them in this panel.

You see Decs, which is Samsung’s desktop mode, which this year it lets you cast her UI to a TV.

You see music share. That’s a new feature which lets two people listen to the same music on different sets of Bluetooth earbuds. There’s nearby share.

That’s a new one that uses the new UW beat chip in this phone to let you beam files to other note. Twenty devices by aiming them at each other. I’m not quite sure why this is much better than regular Wi-Fi direct hearing, but we’ll find out when we have a couple of No. 20 is around. Then, of course, there’s enhancements to link to Windows.

Now, Samsung has kind of become the Microsoft alternative to Apple’s ecosystem of iPhones, to Macs, to iPods and linked to Windows is going to let you. Mirror applications on your No. 20 on your Windows P.c,

as well as get notifications as well as drag and drop files, and that’s really cool for Windows owners under the hood.

There’s a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon eight sixty five plus processor.

So that’s the fastest one available right now, along with 12 gigs of RAM and a five G for all the U.S. carriers. This is an unlocked model, of course.

This phone will be available in unlocked and carrier models and all of the models will be able to access the entire layer cake of all of the five key variants on all the carriers.

This is a relatively rare feature right now.

Most phones don’t have both high band and low bands for AT&T and T-Mobile. And so this joins the S 20 in being able to do that. I’m looking forward to giving you a full review in the future. Not quite yet, but I want to show it off to you today, because this is going to be one of the most meaningful phones of the summer.


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