I’m gonna test out the hammock system is better tan tent

I'm gonna test out the hammock system is better tan tent
I'm gonna test out the hammock system is better tan tent

I’m gonna test out the hammock system is better tan tent
Hello everyone and welcome to outdoor visuals we out here in the woods again and it’s just a wonderful weather today we’re gonna stay the night here tonight I

just received in the mail I just received a hammock normally we’re using a tent and the tent is just I mean it’s cozy I like the tent but to

find plain ground for the tent it’s just hard we have been walking around here now for about 20 minutes to find the right distance between the trees so in

I’m gonna test out the hammock system to see if it’s working better for me nothing else to say let’s get to it okay guys

so the hammer goes up as you can see here yeah it took some time I must say that the setup time compared to its end it’s a little

a bit longer maybe if I get more used to it I can do it faster I hope so but it took me around 20 minutes maybe 30 minutes to put

it off if we put up our tent it takes around five minutes or something so compared to the tent this takes a little bit longer we’ll just get some

dinner going we are pretty hungry now we will collect some wood to make a tripod and make a fire and then we will start to get some

dinner going so that’s what will happen now this is our dinner potatoes cooking on the fire it’s looking good I’m getting

rather hungry we have some meat that we will cook together with the potatoes if there is room for it in the pot we will see that you can

see here kind of overkill with the potatoes but I’m sure it will be okay if not we will just eat some of the potatoes and then put the meat

and then cook the meat and then eat it all together we also have some mushrooms and some bacon it will be very good apart from that we will just

relax time is getting it’s about a golden hour now you cannot see that because we here in the forest so the light is shining like over there you can see

maybe you cannot see any way we already cook the coffee is in a thermal and we will cook the food and eat the food of course and then

we will relax have some coffee just relax maybe sit in the hammocks I don’t know I like this hammock they comfortable it’s acidic I’m looking a

a little bit forward to this night it should be rather nice I put my

sleeping pad it’s inside the hammock now later I will put my sleeping bag liner and my pillow and then then I will get pretty comfortable

I’m sure I don’t think I will be blocking anymore today but I will give my opinion on this and how I was sleeping tomorrow so until then see you

tomorrow good morning so you woke early today I think it was around 4:30 something like that my brother had some issues with the mosquitoes inside his mosquito net

I have been sleeping quite alright we saw a boy earlier this morning we were sitting talking and then we heard a snapping sound like some branch snapping and

then we turn around and a boy was running around it was it was right over there not so far away we were sitting and talking and were actually

quite loud but the boy didn’t care so now it’s just a call for time and just some more relaxing before we going home in a tent

there’s a little bit more freedom I think it’s a little difficult to move around in the hammock and you don’t have a lot of room for things I mean

there are some pockets where I can have my like my phone and these things but not much room for clothes and these things so I need to have had

the bag on the ground and then have my things in the bag lab that is better in its end I think but I was sleeping alright I mean I

was sleeping pretty good but I’m also sleeping good in a tent one thing that I could miss in a hammock compared to attend is that when I’m going

to bed, in a hammock, if I’m going into the hammock it’s because I’m going to bed I don’t want to bring my dirty clothes into the hammock so that

my sleeping bag will be dirty, oh the big question is hammock camping better than tent I will say it depends on the classic answer to everything but it depends

because here in this forest where we are now there is a lot of rocks there’s a lot of trees I can show you here now there’s just not any

the flat ground here for its end it would be impossible I think to find a spot to put up a tent here maybe if you have a very small tent

but our tent would be impossible we have we would be walking around for hours just to find a place for it so there the hammock wins you can

put it up almost wherever you want you just need to have this the right distance between the trees and then just some a little bit even ground on the

if you’re camping in a place where there are no trees then the hammock will not work so if you’re going to the mountains for some climbing or something

like that then, of course, you cannot bring a hammock the next couple of camping trips I will be on I will bring the hammock and I will

use the hammock also just to get better at putting it up there was a lot of it just adjusting the heights and the angle it took some time but

the tent is just put in our tent we have three poles or something like that we just put it in foam and there and the tent is up to it

doesn’t take it takes maybe four to five minutes so I will be using the hammock trying it out also because much of the areas that we are in ah

places like this with a lot of rocks and uneven ground and like this so the hammock is working perfectly for that but I’m not giving up a tent I will

still, be using the tent especially when it’s cold up because when you’re inside the tent and you’re two persons, for example, you’re heating the sleeping cabin in the

tent and it just feels warmer plus you don’t need to think about where the wind is coming from and all these things it doesn’t matter because you protect it

from all around but for now, it’s hammer the next couple of times it better right here right now in this area here yes it’s better better on Mount

Everest now not so much I will say so we will pack down the camp it was just a single overnight uh quite nice to be out again like always


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