The Wilderness Solo Hommock Camping

The Wilderness Solo Hommock Camping
The Wilderness Solo Hommock Camping

The Wilderness Solo Hommock Camping
hello everyone and welcome to outdoor visuals once again I have placed myself in this great environment of the outdoors and today I’m here all by myself this will be

a solo hammock camping trip okay so the hammock is up it went a little faster this time it gets better by practice it took me around I know 15

to 20 minutes something like that I was lucky with the hammock in the first goal in the last article I had some problems with the angle so

I needed to adjust I got it in the first try this time so as you can see here it’s the same setup as I used the last time

with with the top and the hammock, it will probably not be raining this night anyway just in case I wanted to have the top up if something should happen

I don’t want to stay in the middle of the night and put it up so it’s up now I will not put my things I will not put my

sleeping bag quite yet and I will not raise the mosquito net I figured out if I turn it around so I’m lying on the actual bottom of the hammock

then I can stay with my clothes and nothing will happen to my sleeping bag so I will wait with these things until the sleeping time oh if I want

to lie in the hammock I sit in the hammock and relax and read a book or something like that then I don’t need to think about my dirty clothes

in the sleeping bag anyway it’s up now so now it’s just I have some hours before I need to start to cook so it’s just relaxing to have a

nice time here in the wild alone yeah just enjoy the time I will not be making a fire today because here in Sweden there is a fire probation meaning

that because of the warm summer it’s not allowed to make fires campfires and stuff like that in the forest or anywhere in the outdoors so I brought my Gaston

I will be cooking on that which is fine then I will have more time for enjoying instead of I needed to go out and find wood but

that also means no crispy shots of the fire and slow motion if you are following my channel then you know that I like to do these shots so none

of that, I don’t know how it will be working with slow motion and the Gaston but that shouldn’t stop us from having a good time so now I will

cook some coffee I need some coffee now as I said before there is a fire provision here meaning that I cannot make a campfire I can however use

a gas stove if I’m very careful I also have water nearby if something should happen I can easily put out the fire so you need to be a careful fire

probation is coming for a reason and last year and I think also this year they had a lot of wildfires here last year it was a big

wildfire so you need to be careful I don’t want to be the one causing a wildfire that’s for sure so that we’re ready to get on with cooking the

coffee being out here alone is it’s nice I like to be camping with other people’s normally you have seen me camping with other peoples but to be

alone in the forest, it’s something else you know and these Scandinavian summers are just amazing because we have so much daylight it’s getting dark at around 11:00 or

something compared to camping in the winter where it’s getting dark at around 3:30 4 o’clock in the afternoon so I have just been relaxing I’ve just been lying in

the hammock but it’s getting close to dinnertime I’m gonna cook myself some dinner now the nice thing about the Gaston is that it doesn’t take a long time to prepare

anything it’s just they’re ready I don’t need to be planning so much it’s just when I’m hungry I will eat and now I’m hungry so it’s time to while

I could have been bringing out ingredients to cook up some nice food well I didn’t choose to do that instead I bought myself some Bobby Olie on a can

it’s not the lightest food to bring and I don’t know if maybe not the best I’m sure you can get better but it’s nice I like it and it’s

very very easy and gives me more time to be here relaxing and just enjoying nature so I will be cooking up some ravioli in tomato sauce on the Gaston

[Music] okay guys do you know it’s done it was good I am full now apparently there is plenty for one person and you can like that 800

a gram of ravioli dishes are done I made enough coffee earlier so I still have a couple of cups left coffee relaxing I don’t know if you can see it

but out there the Sun is still shining but in here in the more dense forest it’s not so I will just relax a little have a cup of

coffee and then I will go out there see if I can catch some nice scenery and after that just relaxing in the hammock reading a book maybe just

I don’t know time will tell anyway I will not be blocking any more today since the time is so late and I want to take advantage

of the sunlight out there so when I’m done with that probably there will not be any sunlight left so


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