In The Woods Solo Camping

In The Woods Solo Camping
In The Woods Solo Camping

hello everyone and welcome to outdoor visuals I’m back out in the woods to do some more solo camping in my hammock so stay tuned

now because we had a lot of rain the last couple of days I’m allowed to make fire again in the woods so I

will be cooking on the fire I will be cooking coffee and these things on the fire so that will be super nice how I was fiddling around with the

angle on the hammock and the length of the straps of the hammock I feel that these straps that comes with this hammock this is a didi frontline hammock I

feel that this straps a little bit too short I would like them to be longer there is now 15 no 16 steps between the trees and I could just

barely tie it on the other side of the tree but maybe you have some tips if you have leave leave them in the comments and then I will check

it out because it would be nice to have also a faster method to put up the hammock so any tips at all very very welcome but anyway it’s up

now and it’s ready for sleep I didn’t put my things so I have I can turn it around and then I can relax that I will now start a

fire I will make a fireplace radio and then I will start a fire this time I brought some ingredients to cook me up some

nice dinner we’ll be doing that now because I’m rather hungry and it needs to be done on a campfire so it takes a little more time plus recording like

these things so I will be cooking some food and then I will just relax I think in the hammock a little before bedtime just having a good time here

relaxing enjoying the outdoors so here’s the dinner so shalini in a cream sauce with mushrooms and with bacon which is always a success so with that we’re ready to

get started with the cooking first I will start a fire no cooking without fire right and after I will start the cooking time for cooking

okay so do you nice time I didn’t need it yet it’s right there I will show you in a second it’s getting rather

dark now I don’t have so much daylight left so I will just eat and then have some coffee relax a little and then just hit the sack just letting

the fire died out you can see not much left of it slowly going out I don’t need it anymore it’s pretty warm it was it was beautiful cooking I

was lazy this time I should have made a tripod to cook on but I didn’t I should have done that because it was a little difficult cooking in this

heat I had some problems with stabilizing the pot on the fire I should definitely have made a tripod but I didn’t so listen to next time anyway the food

it’s here let’s take a look well looks nice what’s smelling nice and I’m ready to eat it now I don’t think I will be vlogging anymore today because I’m

running out of light but I will dock again tomorrow so until tomorrow see you good morning so it’s the next

day I already had my coffee it was it was nice I made the mistake not to save any wood yesterday so I had to saw and prepare some some

firewood but it was pretty fast coffee was made and I had it I slept pretty okay but around 3:00 or something like that some big machine started to work

I think it was picking up locks that that they have been chopping down and it was at 3 o’clock in the morning I could see among the trees I

could see the yellow turn light and I could just hear it was so loud like I was worrying about it was it was coming crumbling down all the trees

and into my hammock but it didn’t but one hour it spent picking up the lock so yesterday evening just when I talked myself in in the hammer I heard

some sound over by the leaves and then I looked and there came a small deer running out of the forest of the of the bushes I could see it

was not alone and then I looked and there was a big deer the head was exactly behind a tree but on each side of the tree I could see

endless sticking out huge antlers it was a pretty big deer and it was a pack of ten maybe deer that just came running running in the forest she’s pretty

amazing just lying there in the hammock that’s that’s the great thing about a hammock I’m behind the mosquito net in a tent I would not have seen anything because

yeah I’m all closed but in the hammock I can see out so it was pretty amazing but apart from that I slept well so now I will just pack


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