Google Pixelbook Go Review

Google Pixelbook Go Review
Google Pixelbook Go Review

Google’s latest Chromebook is called the pixel book go. It’s costly as far as Chromebooks co, and so it’s not for everyone, but if you are in the market for a Chrome OS-powered laptop, this might be the one for you.

A couple of the positive things about the pixel book go our first its construction. This is a very well constructed laptop. It’s not cheap feeling like you would expect from a safe to 99 or 399 Chromebook this magnesium cover to both the top and the bottom of the laptop is pretty cool because the bottom has this finish.

This is great for gripping, and overall, it kind of plays to this idea that the pixel book go is not cheap and cheerful like you’d expect from your run of the mill Chromebook. It’s the brighter and high end there are aspects to this that.

Pretty much anyone looking for a good laptop would enjoy it. The magnesium alloy cover to it is undoubtedly 1 of those things Google has two color options for the pixel book. Go this one right here is called just black. That’s self-explanatory. It’s just black. The other colors are not pink, which is less self-explanatory because it’s really.

Now the pixel will go starts at 600 $49 that is objectively a lot of money to spend on a Chrome OS-powered laptop. However, it’s less expensive than the original pixel book that Google still sells, which typically retails for around $1000 the reason for the expenses because there was one the build quality.

But I was mentioning but also because the specs are a lot better than you would expect from an entry-level crumble that includes 8 gigabytes of memory. The option for up to 200 56 gigabytes of reliable state storage and several different processor options ranges from a quarter and three an Intel core M. 32 and Intel core I. 7 processor.

You do not need these in a Chromebook. Still, if you want them, it’s nice to have the option and so Google is providing the last school configuration options. That we, unfortunately, do not have on this machine is a 4 K. display if you want a 4 K. display for watching movies, you can get it on the high-end pixelbook go.

Which costs more than $1000. Of the above-average build quality of the pixel book go is that it has a very comfortable touchpad quiet yet sturdy keys. These are things that share with lots of higher and ultraportable laptops, unfortunately. It also shares the relative scarcity of input and output options with ultraportable laptops, which means that you only get 2 USB ports and an audio Jack all.

You get for anything you might want to plug into it. Fortunately, because it’s a Chromebook, most of the things at least from an external storage perspective will be in the cloud, all of your documents your photos pictures and stuff like. That way, you probably don’t need to plug in an external hard drive but want to connect it to an external display.

You will need either a special cable for an adapter that fits this oval U. S. B. C. type shape. I think that the touchpad is the best part instead of using the touchpad, you can also touch the screen with touch-sensitive spots it does not support pen input if you want to draw with a pen that Google sells their pixelbook pen you will need to buy.

The original pixel book the pixelbook goes as part of its lower price point does not support that digital stylus. Now, there are too close competing alternatives to the pixelbook go, which we reviewed recently. We generally like 1 of them is from a search the Chromebook 714 that machine is also a reasonably expensive Chromebook you know between $500000.

But it includes the same premium build quality the pixelbook goes does, and there’s another Chromebook from Lenovo that is called the C. 630 it’s 15.6 inch Chromebook, which is slightly bigger than the pixel of goes 13-inch screen ends.

It retails for around the same price range between 600 and $1000, so the bottom line is that the Google pixelbook go is a perfect Chromebook, but because it’s so expensive, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a basic laptop to browse the web or write a school paper and inexpensive 3 to $500, the pro book is really.

The way to go if you like the chrome operating system you use for a long time you know what works for you, and you want a premium build quality in a laptop. That can run that operating system. Then, in that case, the pixelbook go, or Google’s other 2 Chromebooks, the pixelbook, or the pixelbook slate are the ones that you should be looking at.


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