Do Some Fishing In Sweden

Do Some Fishing In Sweden
Do Some Fishing In Sweden

hello everyone and welcome to outdoor visuals once again I have placed myself in this great environment of the outdoors I’m out here with my brother we’re here for a

couple of days to do some fishing and hopefully we’ll catch something eatable but we will see about that so while camping and fishing coming up this time we

brought our tent because it has been a while since we last used it we came late last night so it was dark when we pitched the tent the location

we chose it was a little bit crowded so we chose to move this morning and now we have this nice place all to ourself we are at a rather

large lake here in Sweden so we decided to bring our fishing gear and hopefully catch something so we can eat nothing really beats the taste of fresh fish on

the fire but we will see about that hopefully we will catch something according to the depth map there should be 10 meters a little bit further out so

we’re done fishing unfortunately we didn’t catch anything but that’s how it is as you probably can tell the Sun is going down so the day is finished now we

will just cook ourselves some food on this trip we didn’t bring any ingredients instead we brought some some trail food so we didn’t have to do any dishes just

to make life easier more time for fishing more time for enjoying to be out here hopefully we will have some time to do some fishing tomorrow the weather forecast

is saying rain but we don’t mind the rain and the way that we cannot do anything about today we had really really nice weather we had we had Sun

all day and just it was not it was not true warm and it was not too cold it was just perfect really really nice so the day is finished

and we will eat some food and then we will just go to bed we will go to bed rather early so we can wake up rather early and hopefully

do some fishing tomorrow so end of the day see you tomorrow good morning I’m sitting here under the top we put up the table yesterday because the weather forecasts

at rain and it was raining it was raining pretty much all night and it’s still raining and still thundering I’m pretty glad that we’ve put up the top yesterday

so we could have a lot of things as you can see all our stuff it’s just a mess but they safe and dry my brother’s is out fishing now

you can see I will just fix the exposure he’s out there fishing and I will go out to join him just in a second we we had our coffee

we had our breakfast by the way if you want to go fishing here in Sweden there are some things that you need to take into consideration you need to

have a fishing license you need to buy that fishing license to that specific lake that you want to go fishing in you can buy those rather easy and you’ll

get them sent through your phone so you can show them if needed I will provide some links in the description so you can see you hear that it’s nice

anyway I will write down in the description where you normally can find fishing license there is also an app that is called I Fisker where you can find the

lake they have some search features and you can search by map or you can search by Lakes or whatever and there

you can find information about that it’s it’s a really really nice app to have if you want to go fishing in Sweden you can find information about that Lake

which kind of fish there are and a depth map of that Lake normally it’s not all the lakes that have depth map but most of them have and just

some general information about that specifically they have a lot of the lakes on that in that a few have some questions at all regarding fishing in Sweden just leave

them in the comments and I will try to answer them as best as I can but for now we will go out do some more fishing and then we

will pack up in a few hours so I’ll go out now and do some fishing [Music] so that was it as you can see you got a little bit

windy but it was fine like i catched a small very tiny perch and then i catched a pike the pike was too small to do anything with so we

just let it go but anyway it was just nice to catch something but we packing down now we’re going home it has been a very very nice trip this

time very nice one of the best trip I have had in a long time it was very very nice yesterday we just had perfect weather and today it’s a

little bit rough in the weather but good weather to catch Piegan and we did small one but we catched one I didn’t get to record it but I did

manage to get a picture of it but if it was very very small pike it was 1.5 no 1.34 kilos so small pike big fish but small pike anyway


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