Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 (G732) Review

Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 (G732) Review
Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 (G732) Review

Hi, the suits are Oji Strict Skar, 17, a 17 inch laptop with some pretty serious specs. Our test model is thirty three hundred dollars and even the starting configuration is twenty two hundred dollars. So it’s a pretty premium laptop. No matter how you slice it, our tester model is the highest end configuration with it. You get a core iron on processor and video Artex 2080 Super 32 gigabytes of RAM and the one terabyte SSD.

So you can easily see where the price comes from.

On top of that, you get a three hundred hertz refresh rate display and most cheap use can’t really make use of that. But the Arctic’s 22 super, which is more or less the top option for laptops available.

You can actually push for inbreds that high in competitive multiplayer titles, triple-A games, more like 100 to

120 frames per second, depending on the game. But that’s still really good. That’s big budget. High Fidelity Games with demanding visuals. Multiplayer games you play on lower settings are less visually demanding intentionally can run upwards of 100, 200, close to 300 frames. So this laptop actually makes use of its high refresh screen now as a 17 inch laptop. It’s pretty hefty, six point three pounds.

Other 17 inch laptops have made some strides and becoming more portable.

This is more firmly on the on the hefty side. It’s not Euge, but it’s not especially thin. It’s not especially portable. You can take it with you.

We got about five and a half hours on our battery rundown tests. So at last off the charger for a little bit, it wouldn’t be what I recommended. If you’re someone on the go often who takes your gaming laptop of various places all the time or wants to use it as your general use laptop for daily travel or commuting or anything like that, because it’s going away, you get a pretty good amount.

If you do bring it with you to a cafe, you will certainly be noticed.

This ring sort of LCD trim here is pretty cool. There’s Morelli be on the lid as well as the keyboard. This all customizable.

Of course, you can turn it off so people will look at you funny in a cafe. But really it’s a pretty attractive thing for what’s otherwise a not basic but relatively plain and unspectacular laptop design. We’ve seen some kind of crazy experimental designs recently from Acer, the primitive trading with the flipping screen, the Asus RG Mothership, which comes off the keyboard, comes apart and as well as the suits RG Zephyrs duo, which has a second screen on its keyboard for gaming and touch technology.

And it’s really cool, but this is a much more basic performance. First gaming laptop.

As for the Fortson, this laptop mozer on the left flank, in the rear on the left you have USP three point one ports, a headphone jack and on the rear you have another USP port, you, SBC, HDMI and even an Ethernet jack.

The power connector is back there as well.

The right side has just one connection and it’s actually a Snoozes proprietary Keystone connection for what they sell separately as a USB flash drive where you can kind of take your game setting profiles and lighting customization settings on the go.

You can swap them between the suit’s machines.

That’s really for like hardcore enthusiasts, maybe sports players who take their profiles in the go and switch between laptops that is sold separately.

The touchpad and the keyboard are fine on this laptop touchpad.

Looks a little small for how big the laptop is and the keys are OK. And there’s some decent travel, but they’re a little mushy. Customizable Purkey lighting is always nice.

There’s no webcam on this laptop. That’s actually one of several recent ASUS laptops that just doesn’t include a webcam in our current climate. Not really a great decision. I would say that might even hold some people back from buying it, given our modern context. Overall District Skar seventeen is a lot to like. There’s nothing really wrong with it.

You would hope not for thirty three hundred dollars.

And for that price you get Top End gaming performance. It really is a performance first gaming laptop.

There are some that I mentioned that have more experimental designs, some go more portable and they’re less expensive.

But this is for people who mostly stay at home, mostly don’t take the laptop on the go. You can of course, but it’s not that portable. It’s really focused on giving you the best performance for the price rather than any fancy designs or any really crazy extras or experimental design features. It’s really all about pushing high frame rates, giving you the high refresh screen, the processors and saying it can at eight core sixteen thread.

It can shoot through C.P.U based tasks as well.

The GP is about as good as it gets on laptops and even the snoozes thermal compound. The liquid metal that they use is what they call it, keeps the thermals in check.

It it runs pretty quietly. It didn’t bottleneck on our tests. It was one of the fastest performers on C.P.U based tests. So a lot to like. Nothing really wrong with it per say.

So if you were sort of a performance first gamer and you have a lot of money to spend, this is a really good option.

Few frills, but there’s a lot to like. And the cons are sort of subjective, like, oh, it’s expensive, it’s not portable if that’s not a problem for you, your business.


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