Camping While Raining

Camping While Raining
Camping While Raining

hello everyone and welcome to outdoor visuals once again I have placed myself in this great environment of the outdoors and in this artical we’re gonna do some solo camping

in the hammock so stay tuned the weather forecast did say rain now and it’s getting pretty dark so I think it would be wise to set up the top

so I have some kind of dry dry zone if you will call it that I can place myself in I just found a place where I put my

things here on the ground I didn’t know really what to bring if I should go with making a campfire or bringing the gas stove but so I went both

ways I brought tools to make myself a campfire and I also bought some gas and I also brought my Gaston so I think I can see how that

how it’s getting dark already that it will probably be the Gaston under the top instead of sitting out in the rain this trip is all about comfort it’s just

out here enjoying things and also I did get out a little late time is now 1:30 in the afternoon so I’m a little late out anyway let’s start with

get in with putting up the camp so we will do that now okay so the hammock is off the tabletop I also brought a Kissling that I just

got for my birthday I don’t know let me just fix yeah you can see it so I have a place for my clothes and all these things I’m a

a little bit excited to test it out I have had some problems with it already like adjusting it and so on in my last video I talked about the problems

I had with adjusting the hammock and I needed a system to easily make adjustments but also make it easier to set up the table and adjust it and

make adjustments if needed so I went out and bought myself some Whoopie slings the ones I bought are the ones from DD hammocks no connection to the company

by the way but I went out about some boobie slings and they are working good this is not the first time I’m using them but

I am a fan I’m a fan because not only do I get more distance I mean not only can I get more distance between the trees the ones

I got are the ones with the three meters tree huggers that sits on the tree there’s a string that you can pull here I don’t know if you

can see it if it’s in focus and you can pull it on the other side they working great really really nice to have them they making adjusting the

hammocks so much easier so anyway the top is up the hammock is up it’s raining while I was putting up the top it started to rain so I

I made the kind of like a small roof there when I’m going to bed though I will be lowering the top so I get a little bit more protection but

I also got myself for my birthday and on the quilt, it’s the DD hammock on the blanket still no connection to to to DD hammocks at all but

it fits the hammock because the hammock is a TD I will cook myself some coffee now and just sit and relax a little before I need to cook I

think we’re not finished with the rain but it doesn’t matter I love to hear the rain on the top anyway so I don’t mind the rain at

all I brought myself some waterproof clothes so I’m all set for the fall for being out here in the rain the ground is a little bit moist

but it doesn’t matter at all it’s just nice fresh here it’s awesome it will probably not be awesome

when you’re watching this video but it is now when I’m here and I just love the autumn I just love the freshness of the air and don’t get

me wrong I like summer I like the heat and all these things also but I do like also because you get this freshness and the colors

are just awesome I mean you cannot see it now because when we’re in a pine forest but there are some birds trees over there I don’t know if

you can see them but anyway I will be cooking up some coffee now so let’s do that Coffee time okay the under blanket is up

although I hope is it right I’m having a lot of issues with the gear sling I mean first of all it doesn’t seem too comfortable and it’s

like it’s going to affect the under the blanket so that the gear sling will push up to there under a blanket and then the under blanket will touch the hammer and

then the whole point of the under a blanket is kind of gone because you need that air inside what I have understood and what makes sense to me the gear

sling is I I don’t know I mean it’s nice to have my things there and it’s kind of acting like a table so I can put if I’m

moving things around I can use the gear sling there but it’s giving me some problems I don’t know I will have to see any way I will start to

cook now soon I have around I think around one hour maybe daylight left less it’s getting fast task when it’s just when it starts to get dark as

you can see there it’s almost impossible to see anything under there but anyway I will start to cook now and then I will fiddle a little bit more

around with for the hammock to see if I can get it to fit better, yeah anyway I’m losing daylight so I will not be blocking anymore

I don’t think even I will be recording anymore because I will start to cook now and I want to finish all those things before it gets dark I also

want to make sure that the hammock is 100% sleepable that’s even a word but I want to to make sure that it’s ready so I will not have any

issues during the night I also need to clean up a little in the camp and put the video things away so they will not get wet so closing the

lock or whatever ending the vlog for today but I will see you guys tomorrow when the weather should be better that should be a little bit of Sun then

I’ll see you tomorrow good morning so it was raining all night but my hammock stayed dry nothing no issues there but I noticed that one of my drip lines

I didn’t adjust it yesterday so it was staying outside of the top which is yeah big mistake, fortunately, nothing happened my hammock stayed dry it was stupid not to

check these things it could have been a wet night anyway it was raining all night it was rather nice I like when it’s raining you can hear the drip

the raindrops on the top it’s nice just had my coffee my morning routine coffee my morning coffee and I just had some breakfast it

was just some protein bars that I bought when I was buying the food but it’s nice I’m not hungry the under blanket was working perfectly no issues

at all didn’t freeze at all at night it wasn’t that cold anyway the gear sling no issues there as well though I think I need to make some modifications

to to the gas Lange I need to put some I need to figure out some way I can make adjustments to it without I need to tie a tie

knot tie knots and loosens the knot to tie it again I need to have some and also some easy attachment I’m thinking about adding some carabiners at the end

of the paracord or the line to easily hook on to the Whoopie slings and then I can just remove it if I need to do

some adjustments because I noticed one issue I had one issue that I had with the Whoopie slings when there is weight in the gear sling it’s really

hard to adjust the Whoopie sling so and it was quite annoying to take through to loosen the knot also because most nuts when you tie them they when you

add weight if the knot is tight then it’s hard to loosen it so I need to figure out some way but but but I’m sure I can come

up with something I’m just I’ve just finished my coffee I still have some coffee left that I will enjoy before I’m going from here but then I will just

pack down camp strike camp I think it’s called in English and then I will just go home so another solo one-nighter which turned out to be a great great

a trip like always but anyway that’s it, for now, I will take down the camp and then I will just go home so that’s it guys nothing more for me


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