Apple MacBook Pro 2020- Unboxing and Keyboard Comparison

Apple MacBook Pro 2020- Unboxing and Keyboard Comparison
Apple MacBook Pro 2020- Unboxing and Keyboard Comparison

With the new 13 inch MacBook Pro, Apple has finally improved the keyboard that people have complained so much about. Let’s take a look. The new 13 inch macro pro has Apple’s magic keyboard, which really is just a return to the old type of keyboard that Apple used to use on its Mac books and MacBook pros before moving to these really uncomfortable butterfly style switches. Let’s take a look here as we open the box.

You can see that this is pretty much like any other Apple MacBook or MacBook Air or Macro Pro that has launched in the past couple of years.

It’s a simple white box.

We have the 1799 configuration here, which includes the latest Intel tenth generation processors. But if you opt for the base level version, which is twelve ninety nine, you get the previous Intel eighth generation processors.

However, both versions have the brand new magic keyboard, which, as you can see here, the key travel is excellent.

There is none of the there’s none of this tapping feel that you had with the previous keyboard on the Mac book, Air and the MacBook Pro. So it’s going to start up here.

The touch bar remains on the 13 edge MacBook Pro. They’ve just made it slightly skinnier and added a physical escape key, which I’m told is very good. If you need to compile code, you just press the escape key and it works great. Everything else about this is pretty much the same in the box.

Apple includes its little nice packet of warranty and other information, along with the U.S. B type C charging brick and a handy USGBC cable.

Remember the 13 inch MacBook Pro only includes USGBC.

You get to USGBC ports here and twist two USD sea ports on the other side. This is the 1799 version. Remember, the other version only includes two USGBC ports on one side.

Now, the most important thing to remember about the 13 inch, 20 20 MacBook Pro is that it’s really two separate versions.

The previous entry level version, which was twelve nine nine, continues on this year with really the only change being the additional the addition of the magic keyboard. Now, the 1799 version, which I was just talking about, has the addition of the new keyboard, but it also has a faster processor that intel, a tenth gen core.

So really, the decision comes down to do you want to pay money, more money to upgrade for better performance.

But if you don’t, the key benefit is that keyboard. So let’s take a look at that keyboard specifically and compare it to two previous iterations of

Apple’s laptop keyboard design.

So the new magic keyboard uses a rubber dome that Apple designed, which sits underneath the key cap. And then in addition to that, there’s also a Cizre mechanism which essentially locks into the key cap when it’s up like this.

And Apple says that that provides additional stability and it helped prevent keys from wobbling, which you really do not want on any well-designed keyboard.

The overall result is that it should be more comfortable and it should be quieter than the previous generation.

And mostly I find that to be true. Now, here is the previous generation of the keyboard. This is actually a MacBook Air, but the keyboard is essentially the same as the previous generation, MacBook Pro. And you can see it when I type on this, that it is extremely shallow. You can barely see the keys moving at all versus when I type on this.

You can you can see a little bit more of a movement.

But the ultimate comparison for someone who is upgrading to the MacBook Pro from an older version that is several years old is this version of the keyboard here, which is actually two generations ago.

And you can see that the keys are even more. They offer even more traveled here. But that said, the keys aren’t as stable. So really, the new keyboard in the MacBook Pro is better than both the previous generation, one with that extremely shallow travel and the one from two generations ago, which had a bit more of a wobbly keystrokes.

Ultimately, typing comfort really is a personal preference. But if you were holding out for a new MacBook Pro for several years, this could be the one Tobi’s.


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