Apple’s Latest MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Laptop Lineup White

Apple's Latest MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Laptop Lineup White
Apple's Latest MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Laptop Lineup White

Hello, we are here today to talk about apple’s latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptop lineup white because they have recently refreshed all 3 of these laptop models kind of in preparation for something that people might be doing in September.

Which is going back to school on buying a laptop for that is what we have here is the 15-inch MacBook pro the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, which isn’t what apple calls gold looks little pinkish to me. Still, it’s not rose gold it’s just cold these are of course the traditional space gray which you’ve probably seen 1000000 times with this point if you’ve ever seen a MacBook 2 research here with the 15-inch MacBook pro the big guy on the block as you can see it has the touch bar which is actually.

Now a feature and all MacBook pro models you can get the MacBook Pro with or without the touch board always comes with it right. Hence, the critical thing about the 15 inch MacBook pro is it is 15 inches which are significant for a laptop nowadays yeah and not only that, but this thing starts at more than $2000 if the starting price of the 15-inch version compared to the 13 inches significantly higher.

There are several reasons for that will get into, but yeah things to note the screen’s more significant if you want a big 15 and scream this is where you go right and so that those two factors the insane price over two grand and the 15 screens mean that this is only for a very tiny subset of people.

It would help if you were not buying a 15 inch MacBook pro. Less you are going to take advantage of that screen real estate to like manipulate large excel files, or do you know to windows side by side at once. This is something far beyond you know checking your email or watching the video, although the article looks excellent on that for sure. I will talk about the internal components that are available with this also double down on that exact point of who it’s for who should use it.

But to start, you have the touch bar the beautiful retina display right that’s kind of what they always have now kept. People love the MacBook screen of the touchpad they also enjoy the same as always all of that’s the same the much controversial keyboard we’ll talk a little about that right yes so,

the keyboard uses a butterfly style switch, which means that instead of having something in the middle that presses the registers, your keypress there is little. You know things on the sides that create very very stable key switch there’s almost no wobbling which is excellent the downside to that is the key doesn’t move yeah people don’t love that it.

It feels a little you know you’re used to some traveling your keys it kind of feels like a pad more than again it just taps down just ever so slightly yeah some people hate it a lot of people hate it some people are okay with that some people like it, but the fact remains that.

It isn’t typing so much as it is happening. The striking thing is that Apple has consistently improved the design of the keyboard to eliminate dust, getting into it that was a big problem in previous generations. Now, all of the models have this some version of the improved butterfly cell keyboard.

But it gets the gist of it because it takes getting used right yeah this is not your average keyboard if you’ve never used before how would be a little thrown off it’s not a dealbreaker probably. Still, some enthusiasts out there would not touch it, so moving on to the internals.

You won’t talk about a little bit what makes the 15 inch MacBook pro better than the others about the C. P. U. N. G. yes, so like I said, there’s 2020 $200 there about starting price for this. The real magic begins a lot above that like we’re talking like 3 or 4 grand because with the higher end 15-inch configurations, you can put an Intel core I.

Nine processors in here and massive SS the copious amounts of memory that can handle intensive workflows like editing 4 K.Large data sets for social sciences or things like that means. It would help if you were prepared to spend a lot of money to do that. It’s an apple product; there is a certain amount of apple tax. Still, the the the power is there right if the only.

You can only put the crying out in the 15-inch model. Hence, like if you aren’t one of those power users, you have to go here, and the starting price already high. But like you said, including the CPU, the base storage like that might also not be enough for those two power users, so you’re probably looking at a reasonable amount right above. That and if you do that .so let’s say you can figure a 15 inch with a core I. 9 with say 32 gigabytes of memory and a two terabyte SSD you’re going to be spending the same amount of money.

And you also aren’t really. In some situations, you may experience your beep may be experiencing throttling, so you might not be getting the full extent of that core I. 9 power. That’s true of the MacBook pro is true of many laptops with a core I. 9 CPU, and I should also mention that there is a powerful AMD Radeon graphics card in the higher and so-called Vega.

Many people went when we review these things they ask about well, you know what’s great, but that’s is that so much money to spend when you’re many workflows that you might have a going to be throttled. You know that’s unfortunately up to the professional user to decide yeah as what has become thinner and thinner you know people always need to have a phone or laptop at least that’s what the manufacturers tell us. It is a little bit counter-intuitive of the year following the performance and the form factor in.

That’s an evolution of where things used to say ten years ago where everyone’s like apples aren’t don’t perform very well for the money here you have the specs. You’ve got the potential performance you may still experience through some throttling does not serve to throw bottles by half into it. Without your knowledge on the same point, Apple is no longer alone that in that problem, some handle better than others; there are some excellent examples of each.

But yeah, there are trade-offs, but you also would potentially get to take your portable looking professional workstation with you indeed. The difference between us having a core I. 9 in something that. You bring with you or having a 10-pound laptop that you can bring with you at all can’t do anything or just a desktop.

It’s simply not enough to merely not an option right, so some trade-offs and others. I think the throttling is like you know yes dealbreaker entirely you will get the total theoretically possible performance Apple has worked a lot on this. There were some actual significant deficiencies when that when they first put the core I. 9 and withdrawing the fix those you know, you might still experience some issues and some scenarios.

But it’s a case by case basis right let’s move on to the ports the storage the base store is the amount of storage you can put in here one of the ports situations looks like. Okay, so let’s do ports first, so all 15 inch MacBook pros have four ports start. They’ll have five ports now you think okay 5.0 risk community.

You can plug five things into it, including as you just pointed out a headphone right. Still, so you can plug headphones right here to have the iPhone now, but the other four ports are all the same. They’re all Thunderbolt 3 ports in the shape of the U. S. B. C. connector on the oval connector, and that’s it.

We’re not as important ported in simplified some people who have those old USB peripherals are a little annoyed they camped on the old stuff. We have to use adapters John I deal that said views BC it wasn’t to be thinner a lot has to be more delicate the data transfer speeds with USB C., and thunderbolt 3 are much higher.

Yes, so young pros and cons, and you can configure this with a four terabyte SSD so, but that’s cheap. So let’s put costs aside if you can have a MacBook Pro or laptop now, not just apple laptops. That you don’t need to plug anything into right get everything from the internet for a large coding project or or or or video editing workflow you know it bumped up.

The storage of money is no object. This laptop here actually has a four terabyte SSD. I believe let’s just verify that I see 32 gigs of ram, yeah, so we have a 44 terabyte SSD I’m not going to spoil surprised how much that is, but you can look it up yourself let’s just say.

It is several $0 yet had significantly driven itself add several $0 again windows laptops. I’m also increasingly moving to us. It is the only too frequently some of the nice them ones U. S. B. C. only servers and thinking I don’t want just You. S. B. C. Y. double doing that, it’s not just travel doing that right use BC.

It’s been a little slower than I may be expected to become the standard. Still, the premium ultraportable laptops are increasingly it now and then using only your SPC right, but let me play devil’s advocate.

You can still get 15 if a laptop with a cry and I with more ports yes absolutely they do exist and they’re. They’re not that much thicker if at all figures on this, so this is a drawback to the mac yes, let’s move on. I think from the 15-inch model, I think that’s our bases covered.


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