Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) Review

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) Review
Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) Review

And this is Amazon’s new Fire HD eight tablet. This is a low cost tablet that’s good for consuming Amazon content. Some web browsing and some limited games, but not really much else. But if what you want is a tablet to do a little bit, a zoom on.

This is a good eighty nine dollar device.

So the first thing to notice about this eighty nine dollars tablet is of course it comes with ads on board.

The lock screen has ads on it. You can spend a little bit of money extra to get the ads removed when you open it up. You get to Amazon’s custom interface over Android nine. Now, this is not Google Android. This is Amazon’s own Android based OS, which does not have the Google App Store in it. This is really important.

Amazon’s App Store has a lot fewer apps than Google’s App Store does, and it’s hard to install apps that aren’t on Amazon’s App Store.

So what you’re mostly doing with this is consuming Amazon content. Alexa, show me your recipe for dry fried string beans. OK, Alexa.

Here’s number one. Dry France take leads from Food Network takes 35 minutes to four starts breathing. You can ask them to add the ingredients to your shopping list or say start recipe and I’ll walk you through the recipe step by step.

This tablet basically works as an echo show, a screen enabled device that some voice activated can show you videos, play music, do Tiber’s act as a alarm clock. All the stuff that they use that you’re used to from an Amazon echo.

So now if you want to play Amazon music, if you want to watch Amazon video or Netflix, Hulu, but less so if you want to read Amazon Books.

This tablet is also fine. Here’s what a book looks like.

The screen isn’t great. It’s an eight inch, twelve eighty by 800 screen, but it’s fine. It’s definitely fine for reading books that are like this.

Now, if you’re tending to read comics, for instance, you’ll find that the screen is fine for standard one page layouts. But it’s not quite by Reza. Enough for two page spreads. Let’s take a look at some of the other things here.

Now, there’s a two megapixel camera on the front.

There’s a two megapixel camera on the back. Standard headphone jack USGBC Port for charging.

It’s the first Amazon fire tablet to have USGBC, which can make it easier if you have a lot of other USGBC devices around your house. The tablet has a mediatheque processor running a two gigahertz. And honestly, it’s not fast, it’s not awful. But you can definitely feel some sluggishness when you’re scrolling.

Now, let me get to the weakest point of this tablet, and that is when you are trying to use apps that are not the built-In apps and are not Amazon apps.

If you want to use apps, you’re dependent on Amazon’s App Store.

And Amazon’s App Store lacks many popular apps. For instance, if your school or workplace uses Microsoft teams, you’re not going to find that in Amazon’s App Store.

Now you can side load third party apps and you can download other app stores like PPK Pure. But there’s no official way to get Google Play onto this and there’s no official way to get any of the Google Apps, including YouTube, onto this tablet. Now, Amazon has a lot of great subscription services that you can use with this tablet. For instance, there’s a Kindle reading subscriptions and there’s Amazon free time for kids.

Free time is a great use for these kinds of tablets.

It loads up the tablet with a lot of video, a lot of kids apps like apps from Took a Boker that are very popular with kids, really turns this into a backseat or couch side entertainment station for smaller kids, because this is a very plastic tablet.

It’s relatively durable. It’s not waterproof, but it’s not going to crack as easily or as dangerously as, say, and I’ve had with it.

So the value of this tablet really comes down to what you want to do with it at eighty nine dollars. You really can’t expect too much here. If you’re mostly going through Amazon content or watching Netflix, it’s a great easy to use tablet.

But if you’re looking for something more general purpose, you need to find a tablet with the Google Play store on.


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