For Some Solar Winter Camping

For Some Solar Winter Camping
For Some Solar Winter Camping

hello everyone and welcome to outdoor visuals I’m back out in the woods and though you can probably not see it it’s winter and I’m gonna stay the night so

stay tuned for some solar winter camping okay so as I said it’s winter and as you can see it’s green everywhere it’s a little bit moist kind

of foggy, in the weather, it’s not so easy to see in here but when I was driving here I could see it very very easily but one thing

that doesn’t change is how early it’s getting dark it will get pitch dark around I to think around five-ish thought I better get to work I’m going

with the campfire this time so I need to go out and collect some some some materials for that and I’m also gonna build myself a tripod I’m also going

with the hammock, I was thinking about shaking the tent but those of you who follow me know that I have some issues with finding playing ground for the tent

so I thought I would go with the hammock because I don’t have that much time to go around looking for a place to pick up my tents I found

a spot here that I will that I’ll be using so I will set up my camp and get myself comfortable before I will head out to find myself

some materials so setting up the cam okay so as you can see the camp is up top and hammock all I need now is

the under the blanket and gear sling that I will put under although that is December it is mild in the weather I mean it’s a little bit moist

but I think it’s like five degrees Celsius something like that so yeah pretty warm winter might as well be awesome camping yeah anyway one thing that isn’t changing

is how fast it’s getting dark I did bring light to film when it’s dark but I forgot the battery to that lamp yeah big mistake nothing to do

about it now I’m not going on to pick it up but I have another solution I think I will try to use that will be my head torch my

headlamp I will see if I can make that work somehow I will start to collect all materials I need for the campfire and then, of course, I will coop

myself some coffee can’t be out here without coffee in our Kenya I can I know I can’t answer that all these things I want to do before it

gets dark cook my coffee I don’t have a cup of coffee and so on but the cooking the actual cooking I will be doing when it’s dark because it

gets dark around 5:00 and I’m not eating at 4:00 I will be eating around six-ish I think six-seven around there in the evening yeah who eats dinner

anyway so please enjoy this relaxing music while I will go out and get some materials for the fire now do you remember

my last video you maybe remember that I got a gear sling although I had some problems with adjustments I fixed that let me just show you what

what I did so this year this is the line coming from from the gear sling up and what I did I mounted a carabiner here I like the idea

that I can just easily mount it I mean detach it from the hammer go put it someplace else if I need to do something with the hammock because adjusting

the who copies links with the weight on it’s pretty hard so I mounted some carabiners and I made let me just get you closer okay so I know

that it’s pretty dark underneath the top so I tried to brighten it up a little but what I did is I tied a taut-line hitch on either side

and the gear sling and then it gives me I have the option here to adjust the length of this line so it’s working pretty nice it seems I can

easily adjust the height of the gear sling so it’s not too tight to the hammock can you even see me behind this line to try to the

hammock and it’s not touching the ground so I can kind of adjust the middle in between that so I hope you can see me but the coffee is

finally done and my flashlight is running out of battery but I brought extra anyway the coffee is done now I will show you now how my setup is

with the fire okay so as you can see here I made a keyhole file an I will be cooking some steaks so I will use the embassy from

the fire and drag them now my but now my flashlight is running out of power I just changed battery on my camera and I also was running out of

space in my SD card this is just a lucky moment anyway as you can see there it’s where I will be cooking my steaks so I will take them

take the embers from there and drag them here and then I will be cooking the steaks I am running out of fuel so I will get to be cooking

now I didn’t take into consideration that it was all moist here I mean I did but not enough I should have collected more fuel but anyway I will start

to cook now I will change the batteries on my flashlight and still have some sunlight it looks like pretty decent light for recording yeah the video is not

done yet guys it’s not done yet okay guys dinner’s done here we got some steaks with potato salad I’m looking forward to eating this meal and since I

have been sitting and cooking it for for a very long time my fire ice stairs or the call of the embers that I had was starting to die out

but the meat is ready and cold potato salad so it’s gonna be nice okay guys d nice hat it was nice I’m full so it was it was

plenty of food for me this flashlight in my face it’s not the most comfortable anyway time is not that late it’s not time to go to

bed but I still have some things I need to do with the hammock and after that careful so bright anyway I will make the hammock ready and then

I will just go in and relax in the hammock maybe read a book something I will not be recording anymore I will not be vlogging anymore so that’s it

for this day and nothing left to say then see you tomorrow good morning guys, I’m just having my morning coffee and it’s just awesome out here now

this morning I had a great night I slept pretty much because when I woke I woke around 5:00 because I went to bed around 9:00 so I woke

around 5:00 and it was just pitched a gout side so the motivation for getting out was not that great so I turned to the other side and slept and

slept and slept and then I woke her out nine o’clock this morning then it was right outside so went out and started to make some coffee I as you

probably saw I was using the Gaston to make coffee because I used all my firewood yesterday to have coals to cook the meat and I didn’t want to to

go out and find wood now this morning I brought the Gaston so I’m thinking yeah

just enjoy it a little and that I did I also will cook my breakfast on the Gaston but anyway it’s morning it’s great it has been so far

a great trip it’s a great trip so I will just sit here to enjoy my coffee and then I will start to cook some breakfast before I need to

pack down the camp and get home just when I was sitting cooking the coffee I saw two deers jumping out of the denser part of the woods

down there just I think they noticed me because they were running pretty fast so probably they have been walking around and then they noticed me and then they

they jumped away running there were two of them pretty amazing not so far from here it’s just amazing to see a couple of deers just right and right

next to you almost just running I mean it’s not every time I see wildlife when I’m out here so when I do it’s it’s

amazing that’s one of the great things about coming out here it’s you feel like you are you really in nature when you are in the forest there’s

just animals everywhere also when I’m going to bed in the hammock at night when it’s light and things start to quiet down because when I’m doing my

things here in the camp I’m I’m usually talking to myself with myself out loud to make the animals aware that I’m here in the woods so I

will not surprise them there are no dangerous animals here like bears and wolves and mountain lions and whatnot but there are some moves and wild boar and I don’t

want to surprise those animals so I’m just talking with myself letting them know that I’m here and then when I’m going to bed everything gets quiet

you can hear like branches snapping and animals walking around not so so far from here it’s pretty amazing really so I had my breakfast and it was

great it was nice this feeling when you’re just eight uh-huh it’s just yeah but I was getting rather hungry so it was good that I that I

got something to eat I also had my coffee so no coffee left and I think it’s time to pack down the camp and get home to the family and

just the quick status on the gear sling I don’t know if you can see it but it was working perfectly the taut-line hitch on either side

of the gear sling was a good idea it was nice that I could adjust the height of the gear sling to prevent the gear length through getting

to get too high or too low so it was just it was working perfectly I’m really glad that I have it now last time it was a big of

a pain but this time it was great anyway I will take down the camp now so that was what I had for you in

this video I hope you enjoyed it I surely did it has been a great trip everything just seemed to work as it should so it’s just you know

when I know when you have problems it’s also a good thing because then you’re learning from these problems to make to make things better the next time and I

did with the gear sling but this trip no problems no issues at all so it was just working great the only thing I would change if I

could be that I had enough firewood to make a fire this morning and yeah but I didn’t so it is what it is any way that was it do


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