Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch

Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch
Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch

Hello and welcome to 1 cool thing we’re here today with the for the first time 16 inch MacBook this is to my knowledge never been a mac book of this size 15 and 13 have been the traditional go to’s we got a lot of things to show you are brand new. Tom jumps in Beyonce’s experiences what else we have, so the reason that.

They made a 16 inch MacBook pro was because they wanted to give fro developers and photographers that extra inch of screen real estate but also. Because they want to fix some things that people have been complaining about the current top of the line 15 inch MacBook pro-people complaining about technology on the internet do you do.

They work not just on the internet was an echo chamber for complaints but asked anything there is a brand new speaker system for the 6 inch MacBook pro and a brand new keyboard according to the speakers as there are 6 of them. Now the end of the that includes two subwoofers, which means that I just heard this thing played of some of our test track music with heavy bass, and it is incredible really.

it is lovely other than that though the screen is pretty much the same it’s just a little bit bigger in a couple of differences are on the keyboard that they’ve changed the touch has the touch bar so now you get a physical escape chemical escaping thus if you are out there coding an app and you need to compile the code with the escape key you now have that, yeah and this little button is power also yes so,

that’s the same as before it’s a power button or fingerprint reader built into that okay touch ID another giant touchpad continuing the trend yes I suspect we’ll get to the keyboard more in a second what else about the laptop is different talking about internals okay so inside. The six years a member of pro there is the option to configure with either a core I. 7 processor or a core I. 9 processor, and that’s very similar to what they’ve done with the previous 155 or pro, and in fact, the base level will start at the same price for that six-core Christ.

When it starts at 2399, consider that a free bump up now I asked apple what they are doing to make sure that you’re getting all of that power continues to because that’s been a super sore point with some people who have had throttling issues. They even issued a software correction before they’ve said the.

They’ve been working with professional photographers videographers coders. If they found out that all of those workflows work well with food with the specs impressive, maybe that extra inch of space is what we needed to prevent fraud on that well that was all the difference in the world. I mean, the thermals are entirely different, and they’ve rearranged fans I heard.

It’s going up very loudly like if you are using the site to its full capacity, you will hear fan clubs. Still, for a lot of stuff you won’t yeah it is very well thermally designs from what I can tell well. It is a professional laptop while at all means the internals the size and what about these ports I see 4 of them and they look identical to me yeah 4 situations like you know if you have if.

You have seen this before you get 4 Thunderbolt three ports that are great no laptop to 14 with reports. Still, unfortunately, that’s all you get that’s like it that’s not changing headphones anytime Jack, which is so yeah it’s been a very courageous right. Still, you’ll need a dongle for most things ordered with the battery. Tell me more about the battery bigger than a laptop without the battery yes.

You get a bigger battery like a laptop, but what they’ve done is they’ve gone and looked up what the maximum amount of battery, so you can legally fly with this, turns out the FAA says that you cannot have any array more substantial than 100 watts. I’ve heard this before from other PC manufacturers S. groundbreaking this apple’s not doing this, so they put 100 what.

Battery into the 16 driver pro and that should get you an additional hour of usage, but really if you’re compiling code or doing something in progress or final cut pro or premiere pro you’re not confusing yeah seven please yes especially for going to be even during the graphics card that’s going to we feel gaming laptops all the time that’s going to chew through the battery especially this beautiful high-resolution screen so,

what else you got okay so you mention graphics yes radion program affects 5000 series M. It’s idiot AMD is a 7-nanometer graphics chip that’s never been in a laptop before it’s not gaming card this old. This is optimized for rendering for GPU accelerated tasks that do very well on it. Still, if you try to play graphics-intensive games it well, first of all, it is only a matter it’s a Max, so you usually when you know you’re going to have in the first place.

But this is a machine for. For a fashionable or prosumer creator, yeah, not for gamers to the chemical capable graphics card, but it’s undoubtedly an integrated certainly even better than the integrated iris plus or pro. It’s not quite an Nvidia GeForce GPU keyboard. Let’s talk about the manual bring it home with the thing everyone’s been heating. Now hopefully loving to bring up the old ones for adults because things are finally changed exhibit, Hey, the new MacBook pro right with the scissors status still further south sound keys.

But what they’ve done is they’ve combines the dome switch with the sister so now you get theoretically the best of both worlds the best of which is the old MacBook pro which just had his regular dome-style switch. We’ve had sent a few travels right so so try that one, not a cookie, but I feel that I feel like he’s going up and down, which you know right alone is different.

If you’ve been seeking out these older macbook pros specifically for the keyboard your apple phone, you have a bone here because you get one-millimeter essential travel, and all I don’t spend it all in place. But a little bit more a real rare concession I’ll say from apple listening to a lot of cricket critical criticism this isn’t about the keyboard but good for them I mean they should address complaints right many people hit.

The keyboard and I will show you why. This is the old keyboard from last year’s 15 is not a problem if you want to be it is incredibly flat and I don’t hate it it’s a bit of a polarizing thing, but, if you adapt yourself to tap into the type, you actually will be fine.

But many people don’t like to happen again, so they have the I think that they’ve improved it they’ve mixed butterfly style with the drums witches. I believe they have a better keyboard, even just creating this T. inverted T. arrangement with all right like it’s way better than you know you have to have this like squished.

He is with these abnormally large side arrow right. This is much more natural and again, as we drew attention to before in the case. You aren’t familiar with the touch bar the escape key was a touch button on the touch bar now still it is a physical button it’s always there won’t change based on what you’re doing on the top. Hence, people tend to like that yep.

And I think that’s about it I think it’s a quick rundown of what we got 16 inches new hardware both in terms of graphics and processor of the ports plenty of them.


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