Alone In The Winter Forest Camping

Alone In The Winter Forest Camping
Alone In The Winter Forest Camping

hello everyone and welcome to outdoor visuals once again as you can see I have placed myself in this great environment of the outdoors and I’m out here by myself

so stay tuned for some solo camping now it’s February so the days are slowly getting longer but it still gets dark pretty fast I brought this time a brother

lamp it was it’s not the same lamp as I brought the last time I should probably recall the last time I needed to use my hit hit lamp because

I forgot the battery to my original artical lamp but this time I brought another lamp that is rechargeable so no extra batteries it’s a little bit smaller so easy

to carry I’m excited to use that when it’s getting dark to see if it’s worth anything it is windy now the wind will drop and by tomorrow it should

be really really mild it’s on the warm side compared to when you look at it as being winter it’s February and right now I think it’s around 3 4

degrees Celsius during the night it will be the coldest will be minus 3 degrees Celsius so it’s not that much of a winter but I think it’s the coldest

we will get this year don’t know why it was like that this time a little bit disappointed I could have been it could have been nice with some snow

or just some some much cold Frost think but sadly not anyway I will start to put up my camp now I’m again going with the hammock I am actually

at the same place as I was the last time it’s just a really really nice place here though I could might as well just go out here again it’s

safe saves me some time of looking around and stuff I guess so umm that’s cool so setting up the camp okay as you can see top and hammock is

up while I was putting it up it will head started to rain the weather forecast said that it shouldn’t be raining but it did so I have been sitting

a little under the top waiting it out and it stopped for now anyway I will put up my under blanket and the gear sling now so this is the

TD under blanket no connections to the company I’m not sponsored in any way I bought it myself and so far I have been liking it it says that it

can go down to around -5 degrees Celsius and this night will be minus 3 so it’s not all the way through the maximum temperature but it’s pretty close so

I will test it out to see if I will be if I will be cold so um I will put it up now so it started to rain

again so I’m currently on a break under the top my plan was that I wanted to make a fire but if it continues to rain then I will just

sit here under the top and with my Gaston because I don’t want to sit out in the rain

and maintain maintaining a fire now the rain is not killing my mood at all it’s I still like to be out here I don’t mind the rain just hearing

the rain on the table it’s really cozy and cooking on the gas though it’s also nice so nothing lost really but we will see I will now eat my

lunch I brought a sandwich from home that my wife made for me so I will have that now and I will see after and the fit stills if it’s

still raining then it’s the cast though even if it stops to rain I will still have to go out and collect materials for fire and it will take time

and I don’t have so much light now on this time of year so I will spend my time enjoying instead of be annoyed about small things oh it’s totally

fine I will just use the gas stove I will make some coffee and put some food I have brought ingredients to make a spaghetti bolognaise I just emptied the

fridge what we had at home and it was spaghetti bolognaise it’s it’s nice okay so I finished my lunch it was it was nice to get something to eat

and guess what it has stopped raining I have decided that I will go with the campfire so that is what I will do though I better get to work

[Music] [Music] [Music] okay so I have been out collecting somewhat one issue though most of the wood is wet inside I cannot find any more like in this area

then I need to walk more far away and you cannot see it now but it’s getting it’s getting dark now so I’m I will just dry with the wood

I have and see if I can dry it on the sides the the wet pieces I have collected some kindling so now I will build a tripod I will

cook some coffee and after I’ve cooked coffee I will start to cook my my dinner I don’t have so much firewood I still have the gas and gas dough

so it’s okay and probably I will be using the gas those morals to cook my breakfast as I said we will be losing light so I brought my light

so I brought a lamp so I can still I can still record so no words there ] okay finally the the coffee is done just when

I needed to take it away from the tripod the toggle that I had to hold the pot fell down in the coffee and that chocolate was just something I

picked up so it was pretty dirty with the moss and ground and dirt and yeah but the coffee was boiling so I guess the bacterias have boiled away I

don’t know I will drink it anyway it took forever to cook the coffee the fire’s just I had to blow on it and blow out and I blow on

and it is done now I will take a cup of coffee in our well-earned cup of coffee now and I am not sure if I will cook on the

fire because the time now is four and I think it’s too early to eat now I’m not even hungry and I’m not sure that I have enough viable to

get the fire going until the food is ready so um I think I will do like this I will have a cup of coffee now sit and enjoy the

fire just relax a little and then I will cook on the Gaston later I think that will be how it’s done I’m ain’t change to get it burning a

little because I had some small sticks and but the the big pieces days they not burning good so I will have my coffee now I had my coffee and

I will start to cook now the time is 5:30 I think I cannot look at the time right now because of my this this light is it’s very very

nice I was such a cook now then I will just relax a little I think I don’t know yet I think I will be my feet a little bit

cold so I will probably go relax in the hammock in the sleeping bag I still have I still have more coffee and I still have one beer left that

I had planned to enjoy yeah so I will start to cook now it’s nice with this light so I have some working life I mean I have my have

and this will be spaghetti bolognaise with a hint of coffee got a laugh to be in the outdoors huh things are not so complicated time to go add the

sauce I think I will just add the pasta to the sauce I mean I don’t think I will I will because I didn’t cook the pasta before okay and

I can tell you right now even though the pasta is not 100% cooked I’ll eat it anyway mind its own business for a couple of minutes so until then

okay time to try my spork see ya okay the past is not 100% done but it’s okay spaghetti bolognese pasta pasta bolognese la outdoor visuals whoa Cheers this is

nice this is pretty nice I was getting rather hungry I can feel now when I’m eating I didn’t feel it before but I can feel nice that this was

needed okay guys d nice hat and it was better needed very very nice and I also had my my last beer I still have some coffee left so I

will I will drink that soon enough but now I will I don’t know if you can hear that but there are some big machines closeby working like I don’t

know what they’re doing probably they’re cutting down some trees or something I really hope that me staying here will not be an issue or I really hope that they

will not come here so now I will drink my last cup of coffee and then I will lie down in the hammock relax and read a book or something

my breath is up the camera Fork up yeah so that’s it for for this for this day and I will see you guys tomorrow [Music] [Music] good morning such

a lovely morning this morning the Sun is out oh you can see it they’re casting its light through the through the trees I just had my morning coffee it

was great it was very nice I slept really really nice yesterday I thought that the temperature would drop to minus 3 degrees Celsius I checked the weather report it

was only down to 1 degrees Celsius so I didn’t really get to taste the under blanket like like really tested and because the temperature was going to be that

low like -3 degrees I brought my winter sleeping bag which is rated through minus 25 degrees Celsius so hole at 1 degree it was pretty overkill I just didn’t

close it all the way up so it worked no issues at all I tried something new this time I tied the elastic cord from the mosquito net to the

top instead of to the tree here let me show you it’s pretty dark under here just to fix exposure as you can see here the the elastic cord goes

from there from the mosquito net and I mounted it there to the top just to the to the strap there and before I was doing it to the tree

but it was it was okay but I think I like this idea more I will do that in the future the light I brought seemed to be very very

nice it gave a decent amount of light for the night shots so now I will cook some breakfast I will I have I brought some sausages and I will

make some scrambled eggs on the gas stove so I will start to cook some breakfast now okay guys so I had my breakfast and I’m packing


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